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Game preview: Virginia Tech vs Virginia

November 23, 2007

Alright, folks, here we are again. One year removed from the 17-0 Hokies domination over the Hoos. It’s neither here nor there, but let us all be reminded that last year, UVA didn’t even cross midfield! Quite a performance, but then again, it’s not very hard to make UVA look like a bunch of creampuffs. Of course the trash talking comes with this matchup, and especially this year since the game is worth so much. So, here is what we can expect.

UVA – Sporting the nifty picnic style of tailgating, the Hoos offer a variety of delectable treats that range from caviar and sardines to Zima and Smirnoff Ice. How can you go wrong? Standing pretty in their coats and ties and pretty little dresses, the Cavaliers tailgating scene reminds me a lot of being at the Preakness. Maybe the Hoos will put prize horse Street Sense in the game.

VT – Let’s be real. The Hokies certainly know how to put together a tailgate. After attending numerous away game tailgates, it is quite obvious that not only do we know how to travel, but we know how to tailgate. Take your pick: chicken, steak, barbecue, BEER, LIQUOR, etc., etc., etc. There is no other way to say this…Hoos, get a notepad and learn from your neighbors.

Advantage: Hokies.

UVA – OK, so we have to give props to Jameel Sewell. Quite frankly, he deserves mention of the ACC MVP. He certainly is not the best player by any means, but he is most certainly the most valuable player on that squad. He has made countless plays to help UVA get into position to win most of their ballgames. Converted wide receiver Mikell Simpson has done an admirable job in his past four games, racking up nearly 400 yards. The big point of emphasis that needs to be made is this…WHO HAVE THEY PLAYED?? Answer? NO ONE!

VT – Is Branden Ore ready to have his coming out party? For whatever reason, it seems like Saturday is the time. He is firing on all cylinders and finally looks healthy. Sean Glennon will lead the way in our passing attack while Tyrod Taylor will certainly keep the UVA offense honest with his dangerous arm and legs. Justin Harper is simply a man on a mission and the rest of his partners will certainly get the job done. The Hokies have put up 350+ yards in each of the last 3 games and we shouldn’t expect any less against UVA.

Advantage: Hokies.

UVA – Chris Long. Yikes! This man is absolutely ferocious. We should expect to see many double teams as the son of Howie Long will be quite a task to handle. On the other side, Jeffrey Fitzgerald is also putting together a very nice season. Together, those two will be a force to reckon with on the edges and the Hokies have to be careful because one blind side hit and we easily turn it over. Outside of that, the Hoos have a good core of linebackers, but their secondary is poor. The Hoos actually are ranked in the top 10 in points allowed, but again, who have they played?

VT – Umm…is this really necessary? We all know the type of defense we have. Chris Ellis is a man on fire, while we have one of the best trios of linebackers to go along with our elite corners in Brandon Flowers and Macho Harris. Since the stumbling at LSU, the Hokies have never looked back and have peaked at the right time. While we shouldn’t expect the Hokies to keep the Hoos from crossing midfield, they should easily hold the UVA offense in check.

Advantage: Hokies.

Special Teams
UVA – Outside of Chris Gould (PK) and Ryan Weigand (P), the Cavs really don’t impose much of a threat on special teams.

VT – Eddie Royal. He broke the record for all-time punt return yards in the ACC and will continue to extend his record. As always, Jud Dunlevy will pretty much make any field goal and Bowden will average around 45 yards a punt.

Advantage: Hokies.

Game Outlook
This will be the 89th meeting between the two teams and the game has NEVER been more important than this one. While the emotion advantage goes to UVA, it certainly will not be enough. Tech is too fast, too athletic, and has played a much tougher schedule. To be quite honest, this game shouldn’t be close, but if it is, then the Cavs stand a good chance. However, expect the Hokies to roll over the Cavs and punch their ticket to Jacksonville where they will get a rematch with Boston College.

Fearless Score Predictions
BDubs: 35-14
CGally: 28 – 10
BBull: 31 – 10
Steve: 24 – 20*
Dip: 24 – 20*
Tim: 21 – 20
Lady Gally: 24 – 17
Papa Wilhelm: 28-7
Papa Gally: 28 – 14