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The North End Zone Tournament Challenge Update

March 26, 2009
With all this TV Theme excitement going around, we almost forgot about the REAL tournament going on. And by that we mean the North End Zone Tournament Challenge.

Currently, two contributors (Wright and The Northerner) sit atop the standings. I’m reluctant to call Wright a contributor, but technically his name is on the side banner.

In 3rd is avid reader Maniak with a very clever HandsInYourBro’s Pants team name. If you didn’t get the joke at first, he was sure to include the word “gay” in parenthesis.

Tied for 4th are what appears to be St. Louis Shark (I always thought they were in San Jose, but whatevs) and our Hokie now living in Africa. So for all of us ranked lower than 4th, we should feel proud to be losing to a guy with no TV and 1 hour of internet a week.

Your humble editor and his father are tied for 6th. He has threatened to limit me to 1 hour a day of Super Mario Bros. 3 if he doesn’t beat me.

And jumping all the way to the bottom is our good friend Alison, more lovingly referred to as “Frake-Nasty” (you don’t want to know the origins of that). But with her final four of Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Mizzou, and Syracuse still alive, anything can happen… or so she keeps telling herself.

So let the games begin, and get ready to throw away that bracket at any time.

Good luck to all participants.


I forgot to mention that avid reader A. Young is leading the sad, pathetic NIT bracket we’re still keeping track of. And people think that we need girlfriends. Pssh.