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April 8, 2009

So everyone knows that Courtney Paris, the women’s basketball star for Oklahoma, promised to pay back her scholarship if Oklahoma didn’t win the National Championship. They didn’t win, and she say she would make good on her promise. Until now.

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — Courtney Paris might as well hang on to her money. Oklahoma doesn’t plan to be collecting a payoff from her failed national championship guarantee any time soon.

Paris had promised that she would repay the university for all four years of her scholarship if the Sooners didn’t win their first national championship, but athletic director Joe Castiglione told The Associated Press on Tuesday he doesn’t plan to hold her to it.

Castiglione says he appreciated Paris’ guarantee as a gesture of her devotion to her team, but he thinks the sport’s only four-time AP All-American has already made “astounding” contributions to the program and women’s college basketball.

Man, this is crap. She should have to make good on her promise, just like everyone else in this world. She was given free tuition to OU to win a championship. She didn’t. How many times are YOU allowed to not do what you were given money to do, and then keep the money? Never.

And I don’t want to hear about “how can she afford to pay back $64,000?” Well, let me see. I had to pay for tuition, save the one scholarship I got. But I studied within the environmental science field, so I fulfilled the obligations of my scholarship. I never guaranteed that I would re-discover the assumed-extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker. If I did make that guarantee, and I didn’t find it, then you bet your ass I would have to pay that scholarship in full.

Since that didn’t happen, the tuition bill was paid in full anyways with no forgiveness of my debts. Grad school, too.

Let’s stop this pity party for these poor college athletes that have to go to practice everyday and STILL do their work after. Non-athletes have it tough, too. You know how hard it is to go to an outdoor lab at 7AM on a Friday morning after drinking practice until two the night before? I didn’t complain.

I say make this Courtney Paris pay back her scholarship in full. By the end of the semester. That’ll teach her and hopefully all other college athletes to shut their mouths, don’t make stupid-ass promises for publicity sake that you can’t keep, and just play the damn sport you were brought in to play.