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He missed his chance

May 21, 2009

Washington, DC – After beating the Washington Nationals in extra innings last night, the Pittsburgh Pirates got a private tour of the White House this morning.

So the Pirates got a nice little tour of the President’s domicile yesterday, where I’m sure they all laughed at the pathetic-ness of the Nationals in the Oval Office. But that’s not the best part of the story. Apparently the manager decided he never wants to see the innermost working of the White House.

Pirates’ manager John Russell skipped the tour saying he’d rather visit when he has a World Series ring on his finger.

Is this guy kidding? Does he know anything about the Pirates? Does he not read this blog? If he did, he would know the Pirates are terrible and pretty much have no chance of winning the World Series in his lifetime.

Then again, maybe he’s hoping he gets his ass fired and then hired by a contender, and THEN he will have a WS ring on his finger. Or he could just buy the one off Doug Mientkiewicz for a trip back up to The Show.

UPDATE: Jake Peavy just got traded to the ChiSox. Didn’t think San Diego would throw in the towel this early.