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A trip to Wawa

January 19, 2007
So I was going to first put up a money post we’ve been working on, but I have to skip it. In order to capture the emotion I am feeling right now, I must put it up now.

Let me give the setting:
In Richmond, at the Hamton Inn.

I am quite thirsty after 30 minutes of laughing at The Office. However, I don’t feel the need to spend $4 on a Pepsi at the hotel vending machine. What does that mean? A trip to Sheetz.

On my way outside, I start to realize that Sheetz has much more than Pepsi. While not in the mood for a sandwich, I realize that Sheetz has many other items. Namely… Suzie-Q’s. As I reach the car, I look over to see a Target store. I think for a second. It’s within walking distance, but no Suzie-Q’s. Unacceptable.

So I drive about mile down the road to a large, well-lit gas station. I know what everyone thinks: Sheetz. But NO!! It is in fact a Wawa. Whatever, its all the same, right? Well, I walk in, get my Pepsi, and head to find the Q’s. Ok, not with the candy, not with the chips, not with the… tasty cake stuff… wait a second. What the hell is going on here??

Well, it seems that Wawa does not carry Little Debbie products. You heard that right. No Twinkies. No Ho-hos. And NO SUZIE-Q’S!!!! I am crushed.

I think for a second about driving around looking for a Sheetz, but decide against it. I’m pretty lazy. So I go for the next best thing. You guessed it: Rolos. Off to the candy aisle I go. I take a first scan… you’ve got to be kidding me. Upon closer inspection, there are no Rolos to be found. A lap to the counter candy confirms it. They have Chunky, Whatchamacallits, and even Sour Patch Connectors. Seriously, has anyone bought a Whatchamacallit in 15 years?

I am literally on the verge of tears at this point. I grab a Crunch bar or something. I’d be totally happy with it at any other time. But I’ve been through too much tonight to be happy about anything.

To sum up, I hate Wawa. Normally, this is the point where the pissed off blogger starts a grassroots boycott of the company. But I can’t say I’ll never go there again. Hell, their gas was $1.95. And I’m a guy that didn’t bat an eye when people got sick from Taco Bell. Yeah, I’d still like a Crunch-chew-eesy Gordita. But I won’t like it any time I go. And you shouldn’t either. So next time you go to a Wawa, or even see a Wawa, I want you to remember what they did to me. I know I sure will… I know I sure will…

(I would like to apologize to all fellow writers and all readers. This rant is out of line for our site, but still. Sometimes, you need to abuse the login power.)