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Highlights from Week 2 of College Football

September 14, 2009

There are only two highlights from this week in college football.

1. We won. We hung 52 points on Marshall with most of those coming from the offense! It’s how it should be done and we did it. Good job, Hokies.

2. This. No words are needed. Enjoy.

Hokies to honor Frank Loria

September 10, 2009

According to

During the game with Marshall, the Hokies will wear maroon helmets with orange and white stripes and the old T within the V logo, in honor of Tech great Frank Loria. The helmet is a replica of the one worn by Loria during a brilliant Tech career. The Clarksburg, W.Va., native earned first-team All-America honors at safety in 1966 and went on to become Virginia Tech’s first consensus All-American as a senior in 1968.

Loria was a member of the Marshall University coaching staff when he died in the tragic Marshall plane crash in 1970. Loria was selected a charter member when the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1982.

In addition to the throwback helmets, this game is the White Out game which aims to promote reading across the Commonwealth.

I don’t know about you, but I think the old-style VT is badass. I hope the team keeps this as a regular part of their uniform for at least one or two games a year. It would be cool if we wore this and the throwback jerseys to the bowl game every year. I say we start a movement to get the throwbacks as our bowl unis. Who’s with me?

Anyways, in summary, nicely done, Virginia Tech. Keep making us proud.

This makes me feel a little better

September 10, 2009

Now as we approach the second weekend of college football, certain things are being released from last weekend that expose how tightly wound the fans of major teams get at the start of the season. This is one of them.

Damn. And I mean damn. I’ve yelled at my fair share of TV screens before, but never even anything close to this. Damn. I can only imagine this was at the point where we were winning, because if he was this upset and they were winning then he better get an emergency defibrillator installed in his house because he’s not making it through the entire season without his heart popping like a balloon. Few things to note here:

1. Due to his thick southern accent, this rant sounds kind of polite and less harsh despite all the cursing.

2. How awkward must he be around his friends now that Alabama ended up winning?

3. How awkward must he be around the girl he called “slut” to her face?

4. Did he really think they could hear him threaten to come to Atlanta and blow their head off?

5. Overall, I didn’t think the refereeing was that bad. Was he watching a different game or something?

Let’s hope Marshall fans are a bit more demure than this guy.

Miami tickets back on sale

September 9, 2009

Apparently Miami’s fans are awful and don’t travel, so they just released a bunch of tickets for the Miami game. Just got some myself. Here’s the link, though I don’t know how much longer they will be available.

VT Ticket Office

Update: 4:30 and there are still tickets available.

Thoughts on the Alabama game

September 9, 2009

Alright, so it’s already Wednesday and we haven’t put anything out about the game. So here is the best we’re going to muster.

  • We lost. We didn’t lose big but we still lost. We were winning up until about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. I foresee the fourth quarter being our worst enemy this season which is a really bad thing. I don’t know if it was our conditioning that was weak or the fact that our defense was on the field for almost three complete quarters. That’s right, possession shook up as 37:02 to 22:58. That is not healthy. That shit comes back and bites you in the ass in the fourth quarter. Exhibit A: This game.
  • Our offense wasn’t on the field for very long because of two things: 1. Alabama’s defense is really good, and 2. Our offense is extremely predictable. The announcers (Kirk) were even commenting about how one of Alabama’s strategies before the game was to rely on the predictability of our offense. Just wonderful. They were showing stats before the game, and I don’t remember the context – something like the bowl game or the last three games of the season or something, but basically it was out of 110 plays, we passed for 10 of them. I mean come on. Every defense you play against is going to know you’re running the ball. And it would be different if you had like 80 plays where you changed up the ball carrier or direction, but we don’t. It’s Tyrod around the side in a scramble, or a back/Tyrod up the middle. That’s it. There are flashes where plays that are imaginative and creative come up, but that factors in to the 10 our of 110 plays. That’s just not enough. We need to keep defense on their toes. Or heels. Either one works.
  • Ryan Williams is going to be a perfectly fine substitute for Darren Evans.
  • We, finally, weren’t the team losing our focus and piling up the penalties. Only 6 for 45 yards compared to 10 for 83 by Alabama. We just need to keep that going.
  • I don’t know if it was a fluke, but our special teams – the offensive aspect of it – was actually not half bad. A return for a TD and some decent field position is nice to see.
  • There is one number that stood out to me in this game. 62. As in Blake DeChristopher on our offensive line. He could have single-handedly cost us this game. Now that is obviously a general statement, but he did his fair share of acting like a sieve and letting the defense go untouched to Tyrod. Namely on our last drive where Taylor got sacked. Guy came straight from DeChristopher’s side and Blake didn’t feel like getting in his way. Now I don’t know if he had other things on his mind, ie. his girlfriend broke up with him, he’s worried about his advanced physics class starting up, he couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart were ever going to get back together, but he needs to clean that shit up. Put your enormous body in the path of a defender and at least slow him down to give your QB a fraction of a second to get away.
  • Why did we stop wearing the old school white unis with the maroon and orange stripe on the shoulders? They had been working very well for us last year. Why stop now? I say bring them back. They were simple, they were understated, and they made us fucking win.
  • We can chalk this up to Alabama’s good defense again, but we mustered only 155 yards on offense. They had 498. It’s a shock we only lost by 10. This goes back to the whole point of our offense. It’s wayyy too predictable.
  • Staying on the predictable offense vein, we had four players rush in the game. One was a receiver who only had one attempt. Another was Tyrod who had ten rushes (and -26 total yards, so some of those “rushes” were actually sacks). That leaves two backs who got 19 of the 30 rush attempts. Add Tyrod in and we had three players making 97% of the rushes. Alabama had 7 players. Granted Ingram had almost half, but there were 6 other players who they would uses to keep us on our toes.
  • Our kicking game is solid again. And we’re really going to miss Brent Bowden when he gets up and leaves.
  • Overall, we didn’t play a terrible game, and this is a game that we could have won. It looks like we will resign ourselves to peaking with the Orange Bowl and settle on having our pinnacle game be the ACC Championship, just as it is every year. This is already getting fucking boring. Lose the first game, win 10 more, repeat. I don’t really have too many suggestions for Coach Beamer, but I think it’s clear that we need to get some standout talent on the field and get coaches (and a coordinator) who know how to exploit that talent rather than fall back on it in emergency situations.

Add your thoughts in the comment section.

Last formal weekend recap

September 8, 2009

I don’t think I will be doing anymore formal weekend recaps because they take way too much time. So I think from now on I will just throw out my thoughts on what happened over the weekend and you’ll be happy to get it.

I won’t delve into that debacle that was our game against Alabama, because I’m sure we will have a post devoted entirely to that subject in the coming hours or days. I do want to say this though, I was impressed. Same amount of impressed I was last year and the year before that. As Gobbler Country so truthfully puts it, we are, in fact the same team we were last year. And the year before that. The announcers before the game were commenting on how predictable our offense was. Exhibit A of why we need a new offensive coordinator.

Some other stuff happened that I’m sure you already know about: Oregon’s punch-drunk player got suspended the whole season, but of course, not the pussy who was flopping in his face like a goldfish about two seconds before he took it on the chin. Figures. The Sooners lost Bradford for a few weeks which means their championship run is over. This crazy 17 year old chick is blowing through the competition at the US Open. Good for her. And the pirates lost. More on that in a different post.

But back to what we care about, we move onto Marshall next week and we better bring the pain in order to get our spirits up. Nothing is as crushing as leading a game into the fourth quarter and then shitting the bed. But we know that feeling all too well by now. So let’s just move on and accept that we aren’t winning a National Championship with the coaching staff in its present form and just be happy with 10 win seasons and trips to the Orange Bowl. Apparently playing Big East teams in a bowl game is our peak. Ugh.

This is how you do it

September 3, 2009

Real Clear Sports has just jumped up to my top 5 websites because of this little article. Who’s number one on this list of best entrances in college football? That would be us. That is how you show respect to the definitive entrance to a college football stadium. I watched the video that all of us have seen so many times, and still got chills. Oh what the hell, here it is.


Now let’s see what RCS had to say about it:

It starts with one side of the stadium, “LET’S GO….” And then the other side responds, “HOKIES”. Then the bass line from Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” starts. Fans begin jumping up and down. The band is lined up outside of the tunnel. The music hits the crescendo, the team rushes out of the tunnel, the fireworks explode, and Lane Stadium becomes one of the loudest stadiums in college football – and they haven’t even started playing yet.

Is there a back-story to this entrance? Probably. But as you jump up and down like a madman somewhere deep in the mountains of Virginia, with Metallica’s bass lines thumping against your brain, ready to watch your Hokies do battle on a crisp fall night, do you care? Probably not. Obviously, with a relatively new song, the tradition isn’t very old, but it has quickly garnered the respect of all college football fans and players as the most intense entrance in college football.

And by far the best part of the analysis was the beginning, which I will leave you with, if only to ponder how true it is:

We held this one for number one for fear that after you see it you might try and run through a brick wall.

Amen, brother.

Ahhh crap.

September 3, 2009

I’m calling bullshit on this one. Looks like we aren’t going to get that two player advantage this weekend:

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — No. 5 Alabama will have two of its key offensive players for the opener Saturday night against No. 7 Virginia Tech.

The NCAA reinstated receiver Julio Jones and tailback Mark Ingram on Wednesday on the condition that they repay the cost of a Gulf Coast fishing trip paid for by businessman Curtis Anderson during the spring. An Alabama spokesman said the money had been paid to charity.

“According to the facts of the case submitted by Alabama, the student-athletes received impermissible food, lodging, transportation and entertainment from an individual with whom one of the student-athletes had become acquainted prior to enrolling in college,” the NCAA said in a statement.

“Consistent with NCAA membership requirements, the institution reported the violation and declared the student-athletes ineligible. As part of the reinstatement request, the institution required the student-athletes to make repayment of the value of the impermissible benefits to charity.”

Now, personally, I don’t see how they get off of this. They accepted impermissable stuff, against NCAA rules, and then can just pay it back and they’re off the hook? What the hell kind of bullshit is that? Conspiracy if you ask me. It’ll just be that much nicer when we beat ‘Bama on Saturday.

Kirk Herbstreit is dead to me

August 31, 2009

Herbstreit just put out his “Herbies” for 2009. He was one of the more tolerated ones on College Game Day. No more. Chris Fowler, you’re the last man standing.

To recap what Kirk did to be banished from my good graces forever include:

  • Only including Sergio Render and Jason Worilds as top players from Tech (could be agreeable but not anymore)
  • leaving out all other players in each specific spot
  • Not mentioning Bud Foster as a “head coach in waiting” (even though he could outcoach your frosted tip ass)
  • Not including a VT player in the “what a college team should look like” roster
  • He picked FSU to win the Atlantic and Georgia Tech to win the Coastal and then Ga Tech to win the ACC CG. No mention of us. None. It’s like precedent doesn’t count for anything anymore.
  • And making a list of the top student sections without The North End Zone. His top 10 student sections were made up almost entirely (save for Oregon and Notre Dame) Big 10 and SEC schools.

The Big 10 was good, once. But come on. These aren’t the days of Linebacker U, Woody Hayes and Joe Paterno anymore. Wait scratch that last one. The Big 10 has been surpassed by other conferences in almost every facet of the game, so just let go. Just let go.

At least he only had the balls to include Ohio State four times.

On another note, Colin Cowherd, Rece Davis, Bruce Feldman and Pat Forde have moved to my “I have no problem with you” list for unanimously picking VT as the Coastal and ACC champ. And we, of course, know that when these four men pick something to happen, it WILL happen.

Weekend recap

August 31, 2009

The seasons are starting to change. There’s a slight new crisp fall smell in the air, the temperatures are getting just a little cooler, and I had the first fantasy football draft of the season yesterday. Bring on the gridiron.

1. We had a preseason football game on Friday that tested the limits of my marriage. It was Redskins vs. Patriots. Of course the good guys won, but I must say, the Skins didn’t suck as badly as I thought they would. Convinced me to draft Santana Moss though.

2. Jay Cutler must have been real excited to head back to Denver and show the Broncos what he made them get rid of. Unfortunately, the Bears actually did win, though the Denver fans sure let him hear it. At least none of these games count. Nowhere is that more true than in the battle of the Big Apple where the Jets beat the Giants. Only in the preseason. Hey! Detroit won a game!

3. Tiger Woods lost again this weekend, coming in second at The Barclays. He is not having a lucky year thus far.

4. The Brewers beat the Pirates in Milwaukee. Not that this means anything, we just haven’t talked about the Pirates lately. Except that this beating that the Pirates took is the 21st consecutive loss to Milwaukee at Miller Park.

“That’s obviously a horrible stat,” said Pirates third baseman Andy LaRoche, a minor leaguer for the Dodgers when Pittsburgh last won in Milwaukee on May 3, 2007. “I knew it was a lot, I didn’t know how many it was. We still go out there and try to win no matter who we’re playing.”

Poor, poor Pirates. In case you were wondering, there are 34 games left in the season. They would need to go 29-5 to break the .500 mark. Looks like it isn’t happening this year.

5. It looks like our hopes that Nick Saban will not be the coach of the Crimson Tide by Sept. 5 will not come true. He signed an extension keeping him in place until 2017. In related news: Only 5 days until the beatdown of Alabama. Go Hokies!