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Weekend recap

August 17, 2009

Delayed, again. Deal with it.

1. Tiger Woods choked harder than the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS yesterday. He was all but signing his name to history when YE Yang came from behind (and out of nowhere) and took the championship. Tough loss. However, several sports outlets have been asking whether this is the biggest upset in the history of sports. It is not. Not even close.

2. Stephen Strasburg (as of right now) has yet to become a National. I don’t get why he just won’t sign for the gigantic contract their offering him. Let’s look at the two options that will come to pass if he were to sign: One – he will help the team win and thus be the savior of the Nationals and have his name written down as a baseball god in the history books or 2- The Nationals can’t afford his contract after a year and sell him off to the highest bidder where he then pitches for the Yankees. It’s a win-win for him. He may have to sell his soul, but he was going to do that anyways.

3. Tyson Gay did not shock the world at the world championships as he said he would. Usain Bolt broke the world record in the 100 meter with a 9.58. Tyson Gay got a 9.71. That broke the American record, however they were at the world championships and not the American championships, so that means jack shit. Bolt has basically guaranteed a 9.4 in his future. I don’t doubt him.

4. David Wright got knocked in the head by a 94-mph Matt Cain fastball. He is now on the DL. The Mets just really can’t catch a break. Not that they deserve one, I’m just simply stating that they cannot catch one. Hiroki Kuroda also got hit on the head (without a helmet), but no one cares because he is not as attractive as David Wright and we all know that only pretty people deserve to be in the news.

HateFest 2009 is still going on even though CGally “forgot” to write up his GT post and the DiP “forgot” to write up his UNC post, so hopefully they will both get back on track TODAY and post those bitches so that we can move on to ACC Atlantic week. Get ready Maryland, you won’t be walking right for a while.