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The US doesn’t completely suck at baseball

March 18, 2009
They celebrated by beating the shit out of David Wright, MMA-style.

Last night the US team made it to the semi-final round of the WBC in thrilling fashion. Down 5-3 in the bottom of the ninth, they loaded the bases and gave David Wright the chance to save the day with his drop-in bloop awkward-swing lucky single to right field that landed fair by about 2 feet. No matter how lucky it was, it was exciting. And now we have knocked off the Puerto Ricans to face some team that I haven’t spent the time to find out in the next round.

Though, after the US-Puerto Rico game, the Japan-Korea game came on, so I watched a little bit of that. Let me just say, if we have to play either of them, we are royally screwed. They were good. And fast. The first baseman for Korea is, let me put this nicely, a fat ass, and he was diving and jumping like he was on the Chinese gymnastics team. Like I said only a few weeks ago, Ichiro is not one of the better players on the Japanese team. So when I say we’re screwed, I’m not kidding around. Korea won 4-1.

Here’s the highlights of the US game in case you missed it last night, or on Sportscenter after, or this morning. It’s a little long, but it’s worth it.