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Crazy-Ass Children’s Book of the Week

March 6, 2009

Sorry to all of our loyal reader(s) out there, but I had a meeting outside of the office this morning and just got back in, thus explaining the lack of (good) posts today.

This week’s Crazy-Ass Children’s Book of the Week nicely dovetails with my busy schedule seeing as how I am employed as an Urban Planner. Basically I work with towns and private companies to design public policy and other plans and, you know what, don’t worry, my family doesn’t really understand what I do either.

But onto the book. Going along with the urban aspect of my job and the fact that children are usually involved in children’s books, I present to you: Urban Babies Wear Black.

Personally, I don’t know why urban babies wear black, other than it doesn’t show dirt, spit, or poo.

I mean if urban babies dress like this little punk then I will never raise my kid in an urban environment. He looks like he’s going to rob someplace or mug someone. Plus look at those douche-y glasses. Kid should get his ass kicked.