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Spring game listening options

April 22, 2009

For all the Hokies that will be unable to attend the Spring Game, @ 2pm @ Lane Stadium, in person, there are many options this year. It will be broadcasted on the Bear( I believe they have a stream) and on satellite radio. Sirius is broadcasting the game on channel 212 and XM has it on channel 190. Just giving everyone a little reason to be excited on draft day just incase their team decides to trade out of the first round. (stupid Eagles) 

High Schooler throws 4th straight no-no

April 21, 2009
NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A Florida high school pitcher tossed his fourth consecutive no-hitter.

Mitchell High senior Patrick Schuster did it Monday night on his home field at the suburban school northwest of Tampa.

The lanky left-hander struck out 17 to help his team beat rival Pasco High 5-0 in front of a full house of several hundred spectators. Schuster’s streak began April 3. He’s piled up 60 strikeouts in the four games, helping Mitchell to a 19-3 record. He’s 7-0 on the season.

This kid is sick. Granted it’s against Florida high schoolers, but still, four consecutive games without a hit? Shit, the Yankees couldn’t do that against our Hokies for an entire game.

What’s the over-under on how much tail this kid gets. Or do you think he’s one of those superstitious guys who stops washing his underwear when he’s on a streak?

A bust unlike any other.

April 16, 2009

Former NFL player and coach, and Hall of Famer, John Madden, announced his retirement from announcing today. As a coach John Madden had great success with the Oakland Raiders that culminated with a victory in Super Bowl XI. He retired from coaching in ’78. Two years later the Raiders moved to LA and they haven’t been the same since. When you don’t get holding calls over looked it must be hard to play in LA. *Cough USC Cough*   

Most of our generation and generations know John Madden as the most famous color man in all of sports. He was a very polarizing figure in the announce booth. I for one enjoyed his knowledge of the game. A lot of people did not like the way he communicated his messages but the football knowledge he has is unmatched. I almost liken it to what Bobby Knight is doing on ESPN. When you listen to a Knight called game you almost fall asleep because of his monotone and emotionless style but damnit he knows the game of basketball and maybe how to throw a chair. Hopefully, John Madden will come on, ESPN or the 18 person NBC team, every once in a while to grace us with his vast knowledge of play on the gridiron.  

Many in the generation younger than us know John Madden from his string of EA football video games in which he lends his name. I bet half that play those games couldn’t even pick John Madden out of a line up. I wonder who is going to be the face of EA football now……. Joe Buck? Mike Tirico? Tony Kornheiser? Wait I got it Cris Collinsworth.  

John has contributed to the sport of football  2 of the greatest honors that any footballs player can ever have bestowed upon them. First is the coveted All- Madden award, which is given to players that best represent the way football should be played, in John’s eyes. Secondly he has given us the Turkey Leg, from that overgrown mutant of a turkey, which is given to the MVP of the Thanksgiving game that he was announcing.  

John, some will miss you and some will be happy you will be gone. I for one will be sad to see you go. However, there is part of me excited for the Cris Collinsworth era to begin.  

TV Theme Madness: Elite Eight

April 9, 2009

The votes have been tallied, and after a few overtime thrillers, we are now down to the final eight. Cast your vote here. Let’s have a look:

Norm Region

Cheers manhandled Ghostbusters, proving that you really should have stuck with it in your office pool.

The other game saw cinderella #11 Simpsons prove that it is the greatest animated show ever, taking out the Flintstones in overtime. Disco Stu then hooked up with Wilma, just to rub it in.

So we have #1 Cheers vs. #11 The Simpsons. Will Norm and the gang have what it takes? Or will The Simpsons take their run all the way to the final four?

Relaxin’ All Cool Region

The Fresh Prince garnered 79% of the vote and sent Scooby Doo home with zero snacks. Jazzy Jeff then hooked up with Daphne, just to rub it in.

Happy Days also dominated, showing Inspector Gadget the door.

In a showdown of cool, we have the #1 Fresh Prince vs. #3 Happy Days and the Fonz.

Bayside Region

We have had our first #1 seed eliminated, as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knocks Saved By the Bell out of its own region. Splinter then hooked up with Kelly, just to rub it in.

Gilligan’s Island destroyed the Jeffersons, who are moving on out of this tournament (yuk yuk yuk).

So we have #5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. #2 Gilligan’s Island. In reality, we’ve been waiting for this match-up all our lives.

Gumshoe Region

In our second OT game, The Muppet Show took out #1 seeded Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Gonzo then hooked up with… hmmm, the Chief? Gross.

Our final game saw Salute Your Shorts run away with it after the overtime tip. Sorry A-Team, but shooting all around you enemies on the ground won’t save you this time.

So the last matchup will pit #5 The Muppet Show vs. #3 Salute Your Shorts.


Again, everyone can vote here. Good luck to all participants.

Also, I didn’t link to youtube this time. If you don’t know what these songs are, don’t vote. And go watch more tv.

Thenorthendzone is Everywhere

March 20, 2009

Thenorthendzone has entered 2009 and will start tweeting at halftime of our meetings.  

Please follow and join our twitter at

Kinda-Live Blogging the Quarter-final Game Against UNC Part 5

March 13, 2009

The last two minutes

2:25 – Still the full timeout.

2:16 – open it up with a turnover. Not good Delaney.

1:50 – UNC makes layup. 74-73.

1:14 – Shooting foul on Thompson. Crap. This is slipping away. Hansbrough makes both. 74-75.

:46 – Vassallo makes layup. 76-75.

:35 – Hansbrough makes layup. 76-77.

:32 – Timeout VT. Make a good play Seth. Hokie Nation is relying on you.

:22 – Foul on UNC. No bonus for us. Shit.

:16 – Foul on Hansbrough. Still no bonus.

:06 – Turnover on us. Death knell.

:04 – Foul on Allen. He’s out. 9 points. Not good. Hansbrough makes both. 76-79. Timeout UNC. We need a three. I wonder who we’re giving it to.

:03 – Foul UNC. Still no bonus. Why aren’t we making these shooting fouls?

:00 – Vassallo misses three pointer. We lose. I hate everyone.

Kinda-Live Blogging the Quarter-final Game Against UNC Part 4

March 13, 2009

We now welcome you back for the game currently in progress.

11:58 – I should really be doing work, but hey, it’s Friday.

11:41 – Three pointer from Vassallo. 63-57.

11:31 – three pointer from Ellington. He’s on UNC. 63-60.

10:57 – Three pointer from Vassallo. What is going on here? 66 – 60.

10:20 – Foul on Hank Thorns. Shocking it wasn’t Allen since he’s still in the game. Frasor made 1 of 2. 66-61.

9:57 – Finally UNC commits a foul. they’ve got 1, we have 6. Awesome.

9:03 – Hansbrough misses jump shot. finally.

8:35 – Vassallo makes jump shot. he’s now got 24 points. He’s good. 70-65. They take it back for some reason. still 68-65.

8:17 – now they give Vassallo a foul. He’s got 4 of ’em now too. Not good. 68-67.

7:33 – We need to get some of these rebounds. Hank Thorns commits a foul. Now it’s 8-1, crizzap. TV timeout.

7:04 – We get a rebound. The score hasn’t moved at all for awhile. Whoo they commit a foul. That’s two. Almost there UNC, come on, six more! Delaney makes 1 of 2. 69 (hehe) – 67.

6:41 Ellington misses three pointer. Who does he think he is? Larry Bird? Well, you’re not.

5:29 – Delaney makes a three! 72 – 69 (hehe).

4:57 – They’re throwing threes like they’re going out of style. Not making many, just throwing them.

4:30 – Allen gets a defensive rebound. Those are my favorite kind.

3:36 – UNC gets some free throws. No fouls, we just don’t feel like defending them. They make a two pointer. 72-71.

3:30 – Full timeout VT. I’m breathing hard. This is exciting.

3:14 – Vassallo makes “leaning jump shot”. Who the hell comes up with these names? 74-71.

2:25 – Allen misses layup and is blocked by some guy on UNC. He also looks mad in his media book picture. What did the photographer say to these guys when he took their picture? Full timeout VT.

Kinda-Live Blogging the Quarter-final Game Against UNC Part 3

March 13, 2009

Ok so the half started before I realized it. Stupid work getting in the way.

16:49 – Delaney dunked. 49-49.

15:40 – AD misses jumper and UNC rebounds. Here we go again. 50-51.

15:25 – Foul on AD. He’s got three. TV timeout. We’ve committed 2 fouls to their zero. These refs suck. At least I’m assuming they suck.

15:22 – Hansbrough made a hook shot. You don’t see that everyday. Or maybe you do, I don’t know. 53-50.

14:49 – Hudson makes a layup! So does Delaney! 54-53.

14:11 – Hansbrough makes “floating jump shot”. He is so gay. 54-55.

13:28 – we got an offensive rebound! yay! and a defensive one! AD gets some points! 58-55

12:46 – Hudson misses a 3 pointer. He looks mad in his media book picture.

12:37 – Hansbrough makes another rebound. He’s got 5. hes friggin tall.

12:37 – Allen fouls Hansbrough. he makes both FT. He’s got 20 points. He also likes rugby shirts as we recently learned. 58-57.

12:12 – Thompson makes a jump shot, 60-57.

11:58 – Allen fouls. Again. He’s got four. He will be sitting on the bench now. TV timeout.

Kinda-Live Blogging the Quarter-final Game Against UNC Part 2

March 13, 2009

So while writing that post, UNC brought it to 26-24. Timeout us.

Now its 34-27. Shit 34-29… This thing is fast. I don’t know how I can keep up without actually watching this on TV.

OK, timeout. Time for a breather.

Let’s start looking at the time of the game, too, shall we.

3:25 – Timeout Television. We’re up 34-29 and shooting 48% from the field with UNC shooting 50%… pretty good if you ask me. AD has 10 points already, let’s keep doing that.

3:06… we’re missing a lot of jump shots. what is this crap. and no one is rebounding for us. ugh.

2:39 – Damn Gina, we’re up to 9 team fouls already. UNC only has four. Draw the foul assholes.

2:06 – 3-pt UNC. 34-34. Crap.

1:38 – Damn UNC took the lead 36-37. And Malcom Delaney missed a free throw , oh but made the second, tied 37-37.

1:24 – just give them two free points, JT. That’s how you win. dick. 37-39 UNC.

:57 – foul on them. Three point shooting foul! 1st is good. 2nd is not. Third is good! Tied 39-39.

:45 – HANSBROUGH!! (shakes fist) 39-41.

:15 – JT makes “driving layup” whatever that is. 41-41. and gets fouled. 42-41.

:07 – Zeller makes layup 42-43.

HALF – we miss 3 pointer. we’re down at half 42-43. Whew, I’m tired.

Kinda-Live Blogging the Quarter-final Game Against UNC

March 13, 2009

The game is on right now, and since I don’t have a TV in front of me, I’m watching it on It’s better than ESPN, and I can’t watch it on 360 because my office doesn’t get served by verizon. Anyways, we’re up 26-19 with 5:57 in the first. We’re doing well, seeing as how we’re leading, though Hansbrough is single-handedly keeping UNC in the game and we’re missing a lot of shots. More updates coming.

If anyone knows a better place/way to watch this, let me know!