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HateFest 2009: Why we hate… UNC

August 18, 2009

We continue ACC Costal week with UNC. And no we didn’t forget, we just… kept putting it off. And then maybe forgot.

The Team:

There is really only main reason to hate the UNC football team: the Hokies only get to play them once a year. Imagine the win total they could have if they played UNC and Duke twice a year. WOW. The Hokies have won the last 5 against UNC, all coming since entering the ACC.

I was going to mention their unusually good receivers that they have year in and year out. However, it seems the Hokies get great receiving talent too (when they turn pro). Both teams suffer from a lack of ability to get the receivers the ball.

The Town:

The town is a lot like Blacksburg because the university is the main draw for Chapel Hill. But, the university is pretty much the UVA of North Carolina and we all know that UVA SUCKS.

The Students and Fans:

First, I would like to say I don’t hate the UNC fans as much as the Duke fans. Nevertheless, they seem arrogant, stuck up, and entitled. They feel that they are owed championships because they follow UNC. Much of the UNC fans most likely never attended UNC and are just bandwagon jumpers that enjoy baby blue. This is seen more often in basketball then football.

Secondly, the mascot Rameses (the ram) came to be because of a kicker. Who wants to be affiliated with a kicker at all (and yes I know I have a David Akers Jersey … Shut it)?


We will digress to basketball for a minute here. Can anyone be more of a tool bag than Tyler Hansbrough? With his always going to the line and game winning turn around jump shoots. Who does he think he is with the turn around, fade away, baseline jumpers, Cheick Diakite? And his eyes, is he always scared of something. Like a deer in the headlights. I think he’s scared of getting the balling in the paint and not hearing a whistle. I am happy that he will be wearing a Pacer jersey next season.