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Hatefest 2009: Why we hate… Florida

August 31, 2009

Florida week ends with ….. Florida weird. 

The Team:

The Hokies have not played the Florida Gators since 1985 but there are still reasons to hate them. They are always so good and loved by the media. They have that damn Urban Meyer and his spread offense and that damn golden boy Tim Tebow that understands how to run it. I never knew an offense could be innovative. I thought the only plays you could call were runs up the middle, screen passes, and draw plays. ”cough” stinespring “cough” Hopefully, this year we will meet Florida for the first time in 25 years and then they will actually have to face a defense to win a National Championship.

The Town and Campus: 

The town of Gainesville is rather large and not totally overwhelmed by the college campus like Blacksburg is. Also, Gainesville has a very classy Confederate States of America statue in its downtown. The campus contains a number of nationally recognized historic buildings.  

The Students, Alumni and Fans:

I really have nothing bad to say about their alumni or students. Their team is good they win championships in major sports, good for them. It’s the Florida bandwagon jumpers I have the problem with. Florida seems to be on the same lines of Duke, Miami, Florida State, USC, Notre Dame, and Michigan. They draw fans that have allegiance or affiliation to the school itself. They draw fans that just want to cheer for the best team and that’s fine just stay with them then don’t bounce around from team to team. 


Can we stop this charade of the past 7 weeks and get to the reason why Hatefest 2009 was even created, and hate on UVA already? UVA SUCKS