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Miracle at Littlejohn

February 26, 2009

It was a must win and we won. I was beginning to think that “must win” is Latin for “sure loss”.

It was a tough road win, but Tech was victorious coming out of (imaginatively named) Clemson, SC with a life saving 80-77 double-u.

Personally, I missed most of the game because I was watching the Red Sox lose to the Twins in Florida (take note NFL network – the MLB network is free, bitches) and I didn’t know the game was televised up here in NY, though I did tune in to watch the last ten or so minutes. And everyone knows those are the most important minutes of the game.

From what I saw, we played a good overall game, but in all honesty, Clemson shit the bed on this one. Not committing a foul in the last 20 or so seconds after we rebounded while they were down by 1 was dumb. They waste about 8 seconds just dicking around and then finally put one of our guys to the line. He makes both of them and now Clemson is down 3 with about 15 seconds left. Then they make a shot that was inept at best, and don’t put anyone under the basket allowing us to rebound, hold the ball, and win.

Now, let me clarify, I know nothing about basketball. Nothing. And I figured that shit out on my own. How does Clemson not figure it out? Anyways, when it comes down to it, we won and they lost, end of story.

The implications this has on our chances of getting into the tourney is great, but we still have a tough road in our last few games, with Saturday being against Duke. I probably won’t watch this one either, but I’ll still be rooting for the gobblers. I always do. You should too.

Your tears sustain me.