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Greg Paulus named starting QB at Syracuse

August 18, 2009
When has your program hit rock bottom? Click here.

It’s really a shame we don’t play the Orange this year. At least face masks will help when this happens again…

This has to be about the 50th time we’ve posted this picture.

Plenty of Hatefest coming your way today. PROMISE.

Paulus has made a commitment

May 14, 2009

Like every other Duke graduate, Greg Paulus has decided to take the easy way out and become an underachiever. He has committed to Syracuse and will “compete” for the starting QB job. What a loser. Guy gets beaten our for the starting job at Duke in his senior year and now decides to go to Syracuse to play football. I guess he has just stopped trying. Hell I could compete, and win, the starting QB job at Syracuse, but unfortunately my eligibility has run out due to my four years on the badminton team. For shaaaaaaaame. Anyways, Paulus will probably keep the status quo in Syracuse and we will never hear of him again. The end.


April 15, 2009

Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus met with Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez Tuesday in Ann Arbor to discuss the possibility of Paulus playing quarterback for the Wolverines this season, sources told

I didn’t even know this was possible. I thought four years of eligibility was four years of eligibility no matter what school or what sport you played.

Assuming that this story is possible, why wouldn’t he want to stay at Duke and make a name for himself by potentially building Duke’s pathetic football program?

No no… this story is all kinds of confusing.