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The Bill Cowher Power Hour

January 5, 2007

The reason why Bill Cowher left was not to spend time with his family it was to spend working on his new talk radio show. If anyone who has ever seen the NFL Channel TV commercial from last year would know what I am talking about. The talk show in the commercial was called the Bill Cowher Power Hour. “Where the Chin will always Win.”

Now the show is brilliant, if Rachel Ray can get a show why isn’t it brilliant. It would be him talking to celebrities and giving tips about football to youngsters throughout the show. And once a year there would be a “Battle of the Chins” where Bill and Jay Leno face off in a series of events to see who is king of the talk show chins. The events would be spitting, walking in some sort of J pattern, and so forth. I think this is a golden idea no pressure of coaching but yet more fame then before. I can’t wait.