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Deep Thoughts: Superbowl XLI

February 5, 2007

Even with my relatively minor interest in this year’s game, I thought I’d share the little tidbits of Superbowl XLI that made it worth watching for me.

  • From now on, any team that wins the toss in a championship game will elect to kick and let the other team run it back for a touchdown. At least Hester wasn’t injured by the celebration like Ted Ginn. Like Madden said, “There’s a rule: don’t score a touchdown if you can’t handle the celebration.” And yes, that was a “Replacements” reference.
  • I’m pretty sure that even with the multi-million dollar careers Peyton and Eli have, their older brother still picks on them.
  • What weighed in the balance of last night’s game? More Peyton “will he ever win the big one” or more Peyton “Come on down to Barrill Honda” commercials? I still can’t decide what would have been better.
  • Biggest dissappointment of the night: no cavemen commercials.
  • Biggest non-dissappoinment: Apparently working in Go-Daddy’s marketing department, in reality and not the commercial, invloves getting your $3 million dollar budget, making one commercial, putting the same one on twice during the Superbowl (thus spending your $3 million), then taking a nap until next January. Even in reality, that seems pretty sweet.
  • Peyton received the first ever Lifetime Superbowl MVP Award. Pedestrian stats are not those of an MVP, and Dominick Rhodes got hosed.
  • Rex Grossman fumbles more than Eddie Royal, and may actually be a worse quarterback than Sean Glennon… nah, I won’t go that far.
  • For the last freaking time: if a receiver is ruled as having been pushed out of bounds, YOU CANNOT REVIEW IT!!! I swear I am going to break a TV one day. You are broadcasting the freaking Superbowl! Quit asking where the review is.

So that’s pretty much it. Not that exciting. I actually enjoyed watching Fox broadcast the National Championship game about 10 times more. Who’s next on the “will they ever win the Superbowl” list? Here’s a sampling:

  • Bill Cowher… oh wait, nevermind!
  • Donovan McNabb
  • Tim Couch
  • Jay Cutler/Tony Romo
  • Brian Urlacher
  • Ricky Williams

Good luck all!