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Pittsburgh Penguins Own Your Soul

February 13, 2007
First off, I have to identify the writer of this article. It is I, C Gally. The Dip would like to have nothing to do with this article. (He is infact a Flyers fan. With the pain of this current season, I’ll just leave him be.) I am here to write about the best thing to happen to Pittsburgh sports since Ben Roethlesberger before Peyton Manning: The 2007 Pittsburgh Penguins.

But Corey, isn’t the hockey season 2006-2007?

You are correct. But I am only talking about the 2007 team. Since National Hung Over Day, the Pens are 13-2-3. So what do you make with the 2 and 3? 23, the average age of the starting forwards on the team. (Yeah, that was a stretch, but whatever.)

There isn’t much press about this for 2 reasons. One is that it’s hockey, and ESPN has decided against talking of such things. And two is the big move. Will the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in their last year in the city? More importantly, does that mean the city gets to keep the cup forever? So they have to come up with something new, like the Mike Lang Cup?

So now, at 4th in the Eastern Conference with the least number of games played of the top 8, the Pens are looking good to not only make the playoffs, but to succeed. With either a new stadium or a new town on the horizon, this season could make for the lasting memory of the Civic Arena (eff the Mellon crap). So what do you want? Playoff history? Or the movie Sudden Death