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Johnny Damon is an idiot

February 18, 2009

TAMPA, FL. – “Yeah he did some bad things. He took a steroid. Definitely do not condone that, at all, but there could be a lot worse things he could have been doing out there. He hasn’t done a crime. So there’s worse things that he could have done but you know I’ve known Alex since he was 15 and he’s always been super nice to me and so I’m going to support him and try help him through this time. (Reporter: Johnny, what would have been worse?) Murdering someone… There’s plenty of things that could be worse than what he did.”

This is the actual quote from Johnny Damon. I’m speechless. Except for this: Looks like Jesus, acts like Judas, throws like Mary.

A-Rod Speaks

February 17, 2009

So Alex Rodriguez had his little press conference regarding his steroid use and it went well, I guess. I’ll have to see what Michael Kay and Mike Francesa say about the whole shin-dig to see how New Yorkers are going to interpret this thing. Like Rush is to Republicans, the two Mikes are to Yankee fans. But I digress.

So A-Rod said:

…his cousin injected him with a substance from the Dominican Republic to gain an energy boost


“I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tacs”

Which begs the question, does A-rod think people are supposed to inject Tic Tacs? Because they aren’t.

And as a show of support there were some other Yankees at his side (2-1 odds the Steinbrenners pretty much made it an optional but mandatory thing) including Jeter (who I thought didn’t like A-rod and vice versa), Jorge Posada (soon to be replaced by Kevin Cash, former Sox backup), Mariano Rivera (still has no respect for Jackie Robinson), and Andy Pettite (proven ‘roid user).

I honestly don’t get the “support” thing. We know that no one likes A-Rod on the team or off the team, so why do this fake “I’ve got your back” crap? Just more Yankee douchery.

Other than that, A-Rod didn’t name the “cousin” who helped inject him with tic tacs, didn’t comment on whether or not any other players on the Rangers were using when he was, and said he was sorry a few times. Just said they have a “special team” this year and he would like to just focus on baseball (and nasty old Madonna types).

These press conferences always seem like a well choreographed dance between the player/coach, media, and fan base in which nothing actually gets said or done, and yet as long as everyone hears the player/coach admit (after the fact) what everyone already knew, everything is kosher.

Listen, steroids were a part of the bigs over the last 20 years or so. The batters were using them, the pitchers were using them, and the mascots were using them. Hell even some wives were using them (looking your way Debbie Clemens). During this time, baseball got bigger and more popular, ticket sales and prices went up, and the only thing that got screwed were fan’s wallets and the records.

Unless Bud Selig wants to go and wipe every record that anyone with performance enhancing anything holds, there’s really nothing you can do to get rid of Bond’s record, Clemen’s records, or A-Rods future records. It sucks, but then so does life. Get used to it.

Just institute a more rigorous testing policy and prevent it in the future. And stop these stupid press conferences that don’t get anything done. They’re just another means to have these egomaniacal divas talk about themselves while everyone is oogling them like a topless Bar Rafaeli. Come to think of it, if Bar was involved, I would definitely watch it.