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Spring Training starts today!

February 25, 2009

Today is the day that baseball comes back to town. It’s awesome.

Now I know many of you (read: the five of you who visit the site) may not be the biggest fans of baseball, but let me put the meaning of Spring Training in different terms. Spring Training does not only mean that baseball is currently being played somewhere in the country but it signals that in just a few short weeks (or maybe a bit more) we will see the return of many wonderful things that disappeared a few months ago. These things include:

1. Grilling outdoors (without a coat)
2. Restaurants/bars with outdoor tables
3. Skimpy bikinis
4. Going to the beach/lake/pool/etc.
5. Nights that don’t get dark at 5:30
6. Bud light lime
7. And eventually the return of Hokie football.

(BDubs asked me to add #6)

So while you may not find baseball to be your favorite sport, just remember what comes along with baseball season.

Unlike that jackass Punxsutawney Phil, Spring Training doesn’t lie about how long we have to wait for spring to arrive. It’s here.