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Sean Salisbury was on Battlebots

December 11, 2006
Here at The North End Zone, we don’t particularly care one way or the other about Sean Salisbury. Granted, we almost always rooted against him when he faced off against John “Live from the Clayton Cave” Clayton, but no deep rooted animosity. However, as will be the tradition every year, we will be reminding the millions of our readers that Sean Salisbury used to be on Battlebots.

Not only was he on Battlebots, he got his broadcasting career started on Battlebots. Battlebots, for those not familiar with the best robot-fighting television show on Comedy Central between 2000 – 2004, has a slue of A-list stars that can call the show their alma mater:
  • Sean Salisbury
  • Bill Dwyer – Famous for his insightful commentary on “The Sports List” with Summer Sanders, seen Sundays during football season from 1pm – 6pm on Fox Sports.
  • Carmen Electra – Famous for having some fine work on “Singled Out” with Chris Hardwick.
  • Traci Bingham – Not real sure why she’s famous…
  • Sklar Brothers – Famous for having the most watched show on ESPN Classic.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy – Our hero. Period.

With the future success of that lineup, I guess you could call the Battlebots crew the second coming of the “Not Ready for Primetime Players”. I hadn’t seen sports announcing that good since Mike O’Malley was on GUTS.

Before Deadspin came along, we thought we were the only people in the world screaming at the television every time John Clayton did not use the argument, “Sean, you were on freakin’ Battlebots.” Now we know that others noticed, and we are proud to be the beacon of truth. In a year’s time, assuming we’re still here by the grace of God, we will once again pronounce to the masses that Sean Salisbury really has no right to analyze football. He used to analyze fighting robots.

The box is locked. The lights are on. It’s robot fightin’ time!!