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The North End Zone Bracket(s) Challenge

March 17, 2009

Yes, there are brackets galore here at the NEZ.

First off, we have the First Annual North End Zone Bracket Challenge. The winner will get some sort of thrown together prize, and we’ll be sure to make it classy. It will most likely be a choice of power hours, be it Irish, TV Theme, or our imfamous Earth Day Mix. Sharpie on a burned cd is classy to us.


And since you can’t spell Virginia Tech without N-I-T, we are actually doing an NIT bracket.

No one out there is sad enough to start this, so we are rocking it out in Excel. Go here, download the sheet, fill out your teams, and email it to We expect our inbox will be able to handle the load. Brackets are due by game time tomorrow.

Though we should all be chided for participating in such an activity, the prize will also be a powerhour.


And of course, do not forget about the on going TV Theme play-in. The final brackets will be announced Wednesday evening.

Good luck to everyone. Especially those poor souls joining us in the NIT Challenge.