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Pittsburgh Penguins: 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

June 13, 2008

Two days ago, I awoke in a ditch. I was wearing a Jarkko Ruutu jersey, clutching a tin foil Stanley Cup, and wondering what the hell happened. Was there a hockey game last Wednesday? I really don’t remember…

So yeah, that happened. We watched our team go 12-2 in a month span, only to see them be completely out played in 6 games.

It wasn’t even close, really. The Wings were perfect. Suffocating defense. Every clear they made went to the stick of a skating forward. Every clear we made seemed to go to the boards and back to a Wings defender. It was just painful to watch.

But let us not dwell on the final outcome. The fact remains that we got to watch two months of outstanding hockey. Not many other fans can say they sat at work excited every other day because they had a game to watch that night. It was a great run, and I know I loved every minute of it. (Well, ok. Not every minute.)

Clearly, the future is bright. We have so many young stars that only Cam Bonifay could screw this up. Yes, there will be obvious losses. The plan every year? Get into playoff position, make a blockbuster trade, go to the Stanley Cup Finals. Ray Sherro can do it. He can do anything…

As baseball season sets in and we once again go into a sports coma, we will prepare for the coming football frenzy. There will be posts when the mood strikes us, or if the Pirates do anything… say win more games than they lose. In any event, we were glad to contribute to the Penguin run through our good buddy Sig Hansen, and we keep the faith for next year.

And at least it wasn’t this: