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September 13, 2007

So Saturday night happened… whatever. We are 0-0 in conference. We win the conference, we go to a huge bowl. It ‘s as simple as that.

LSU was not a The biggest game of our season will be at Georgia Tech. If we had won that game last year and lost to Clemson, we’d have played Wake for the ACC title.

Good things to come out of Saturday’s game:

  1. Tyrod, obviously.
  2. Stinespring is closer to being let go. Not that he will, but at least more people will be calling for it.
  3. Everyone can shutup about the National Championship.

Prior to 9:15 pm, Saturday was one of the greatest football days in recent memory. There were so many big games. So many close games. So many upsets. In the end, at least we aren’t Notre Dame or Michigan.

Is anyone out there (besides the alums/fans) not enjoying this downfall? I love the 70 year old sportswriters that can’t believe their eyes. Isn’t Notre Dame required to be good? Right? Like in the 40s?

The Michigan debacle has proved pretty obviously just how much crap the preseason polls are. #5 in the country 2 weeks ago; not a single vote this week.

Anyways, there are some things I came out of this weekend with. Here they are.

Rules for life:

There is to be no talk of a National Championship until we win a BCS bowl game. We have not won a BCS bowl game since December 31, 1995. 4 years later, we lost to Florida State for the National Championship. But let’s be honest, we haven’t done much in the big bowls since. Before we can talk about winning the big one, we need to win some bigger ones. Once you win a BCS game, you have 6 or 7 years to legitimately expect a chance at the National Championship. We’re on our 12th.

You are still allowed to whine about our offense, even when the defense gives up 48 points. So Foster was off for a game. Stinespring has been off for 6 years.

Do not stay at home to watch a big game. Unless you are actually at the game, go to a bar. It’s a good atmosphere when you’re winning, and the hard liquor is close if you’re losing.

Run. The. Ball. If you run the ball, you control the clock.

Put two TVs in your living room. Just do it. There is too much good football on at one time. And when football’s not on, you can still watch TV while playing NBA Jam T.E.

Live. Laugh. Love. Run the football. Learn the rules, use the rules.

With that said, this may in fact be my last post. I am attending the WVU-Maryland game tonight in College Park… with 3 WVU people. Stupid Congress, not giving me the body armour I truly need.