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HateFest 2009: Why we hate…Pitt

August 6, 2009

Big East week continues with the University of Pittsburgh. There isn’t so much hate for Pitt now. I cheer for Pitt every year against WVU. But there certainly used to be plenty of hate for everything Panther. The Hokies are probably glad they don’t have to play Pitt any longer.

The Team:

Pittsburgh left a bad taste in the mouth of Hokie Nation by taking the last three meetings. The series of three loses culminated with a strange and baffling end to the 2003 meeting. With the Hokies up 4 with 3 minutes to go in the game, the Hokies decided to go for it on 4 and 7 from the Pitt 30. If a field goal was not prudent at that time then at least pin them deep causing them to drive a longer field to score the go ahead touchdown. Alas, the Hokies went for it and didn’t give the ball to KJ, who had a 250 yard game. They had Marcus Vick throw (this was the year that Marcus and Randall were splitting time). Now, Marcus threw a ball that I can best describe as a fade that was thrown to the 17 yard line. Shockingly, this did not work and Pitt drove 70 yards to score with 47 seconds left to win the game.

Enough about that game. There are players to talk about. By players I mean wide receivers. How can one team always seem to have 19 foot tall stud wide outs?

During the last 3 loses the Panthers had 2 main Hokie killers: Antonio Bryant and Larry Fitzgerald. Ronyell Whitaker single handedly made both Antonio Bryant and Larry Fitzgerald high draft picks and lots of money. If “The Duece” got burned more by those two for touchdowns (5 in 2 years) he might have been given a scholarship to Pitt.

The Town:

I think KingJames4Ever summed up Pittsburgh nicely when he said, “Find out who this Pittsburgh is, learn his ways, and when you have everything you need, KILL HIM.”

Ohh yeah Pittsburgh is so the second city in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia 4 life*.

*Editor’s note: DiP’s a tool.

The Fans and Alumni:

Though I agree with their Mountaineer-hating policy, I disagree with their “We do not have our own stadium” policy. The old Oakland Zoo used to be feared. Now, they play in Heinz Field, where the only thing that can be feared is getting mustard on your shirt. That just won’t come out.


One of my greatest Hokie memories came during the 2002 game at Lane Stadium. During a run play, on the far side of the field, still standing at the line of scrimmage, DeAngelo Hall tackled Larry Fitzgerald to the ground. It was a funny, crowd pumping scene that I won’t ever forget. Take that, Larry. Hope your millions help you sleep at night cause the NFL Championship won’t.