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Ron Rivera: You Just Got Served

February 21, 2007
Congratulations! You are the defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl runner-up. You coached the 3rd-best defense in the league, and were considered as a top canidate for four NFL head coaching positions. How did those opportunities turn out? Oh, you were demoted?

Who are you? You are Ron Rivera, part of America’s major-minority, and the NFL’s forgotten minority

Lost in the shuffle of the wonderful achievement of black coaches making it to the Super Bowl was the fact that our Hispanic friend Rivera was passed on 4 times for the top job in the NFL (Aside from the ref that marks the original line of scrimmage for a drive. Seriously, how is that a job?).

For a league and media so gung-ho for diversity, it is surprising that this was missed. Imagine an African American coach with Rivera’s credentials being demoted to linebacker coach for a guy named Norv. Bob Ley would have “Outside the Lines” fodder for weeks to come!

Apprently, diversity is news-worthy when it’s black and white. I realize there are not that many Hispanic players in the league, but if media folks are going to step up for one race, why not others? Not that ESPN has noticed the growing demographic of Latin Americans in the US (ESPN Deportes and Sal Paolantonio do not count).

My question is who will be the first one to apologize for an illegal immigrant joke pertaining to Rivera and his new team in San Diego? Maybe Jamal Anderson, the NFL equivalent of flash in the pan player Tim Hardaway (in playing, not in hating gay people).

In the next 50 years, are we to expect that there will be no growth in Hispanic, Asia, or Scandinavian players and possible coaches in the NFL? How far does the Rooney Rule go? Soon, each team will be required to interview one person for every continent.