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Gobbler Country Roundtable Question #5

April 3, 2009

The Gobbler over at Gobbler Country asked us to participate in a little Springtime Hokie roundtable discussion. We obviously obliged, seeing how we are the premium experts on all things Virginia Tech.

Five questions were submitted. The Northerner and your humble editor went back and forth in our usual “we kind of hate each other” style. Enjoy.

Also, any additional questions may be submitted, and we will tackle them with the force of a thousand Vince Hall’s.

Question #5 (From College Game Balls): “What kind of music do you think the team is bumping in the locker room? And is Beamer getting down? I know the ’99 team was big into Method Man and Dr. Dre.”

C Gally: Not knowing any of the actual players, here are some songs that make me want to run through a wall:

  • Gravemakers and Gunslingers by Coheed and Cambria
  • Renegade by Styx
  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
  • Pretender by Foo Fighters
  • Every Little Thing Counts by Janus Stark (thank you, Varsity Blues)
  • Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy

Do I think any of these songs will be played in the locker room? Hell no (other than Kelly Clarkson).

The N: Apparently there is this new “trend” called the Stanky Legg that is rushing through the frat parties, so I would guess that would be played by someone… the kicker, at least.

Added to that would be “Swagga like us” by TI , Jay-Z and a bunch of other people. Though, since I like that song, and since I’m a little out of the “rap loop” if you will, that song may have passed through the actual rap lover’s playlist a few months ago.

AC/DC has several timeless songs that better be played in the locker room. A few come to mind: Highway to Hell, Hell’s Bells, Thunderstruck, and TNT.

And of course, Enter Sandman had better be getting some play time or else we have a real problem. But I doubt that even needs to be said.

C Gally: I thought the Stanky Legg was something going around at Radford sorority parties BA-ZING!

Is Regulators still “hip”?

The N: “Regulators” wasn’t hip after, I would say, roughly 1997. Usage of the word “hip” to describe something “cool” stopped about 40 years ago.

You are so white, it’s embarrassing.

C Gally: Just because you looked up a hip hop radio station’s playlist doesn’t make you any less pale and ghost-like. You are haunting this website with your whiteness.

The N: You’re just jealous. I don’t even know any hip hop stations up here. And I don’t think AC/DC is generally played on hip hop stations.

C Gally: On the good ones they are.

The N: I’m betting that “Regulators” is also still played on the “good ones”.

C Gally: They’re daaaaamn good, too.

The N: I’m just going to start calling you “Casper”. It’s very appropriate.

C Gally: Clever.

The N
: Thanks, I try.