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USA Today Top 25: The Early Edition

August 8, 2008
The preseason coach’s poll came out last week (sorry for the delay, we’ve been having to work at our actual jobs). As everyone surely knows, Georgia is ranked first. And considering their schedule, as well as some big out of conference games for other high ranked teams, this year could turn out to be another crazy season.
ESPN has also posted their Power Rankings. What makes these rankings so much more powerful than normal rankings? We can’t really tell. Actually, we can’t even see who’s ranking the teams. Our guess would be the guy that holds that big count down timer thing.

The Worldwide Leader also managed to expand their rankings all the way to 25, rather than the prior 16. So this actually makes them in no way different from about 37 other polls out there. So let’s take a look at the one that actually means something.


USA Today Coaches Poll
1. Georgia (22)
2. USC (14)
3. Ohio State (14)
4. Oklahoma (3)
5. Florida (5)
6. LSU (3)
7. Missouri
8. West Virginia
9. Clemson
10. Texas
11. Auburn
12. Wisconsin
13. Kansas
14. Texas Tech
15. Virginia Tech
16. Arizona State
17. Brigham Young
18. Tennessee
19. Illinois
20. Oregon
21. South Florida
22. Penn State
23. Wake Forest
24. Michigan
25. Fresno State

The numbers in parenthesis represent first place votes, not off-season arrests.
Tech is ranked 15th, which is probably where we should be, and probably we’ll end up at the end of the year. Well, end up there after we climb into the top five and then all of our dreams are crushed by one devastating loss. (Only to be redeemed by winning the ACC once again.)

Clemson is number 9, which has most Tiger fans rolling their eyes. They’ve actually gotten tired of saying “This year is the year”.

Wake Forest, our dark horse to win the Atlantic Division, is ranked 23rd. Expect to see them rise quickly.

BYU is ranked, and nobody cares.

Kansas is 13? Is that for real? Look, we know they beat us last year, but it was last year. Anyone other than Sarah Plain and Tall not think that their past season was a fluke?

Five Big 12 schools in the top fifteen… joke.

Four Big 10 schools ranked… double joke.


(Note: The predictions listed above do not represent actuall events. Most likely, they are completely inaccurate. In fact, betting against them may be the smartest money out there.)

Welp, that’s all we got. Be back shortly with a season preview.