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March 14, 2008

Before we get into the second round matchups, let’s take a look at the first round results:

Popeye and Wacko had the big upsets, and Tommy Pickles pulled of a decent win. The clear loser was Noozle Koala Blinky, who couldn’t a single vote over cartoon juggernaut Optimus Prime.

Without further adeiu, here is the link for the next round of voting:
Now for Steve’s analysis:
So the votes are in, and I appreciate everyone for voting thus far. For a quick recap, #1 He-Man almost got knocked off by Cinderella…if you can even call Beavis and Butthead that. However, the trend of a #1 never losing in the first round continued as all top four seeds advanced to the second round. Sadly, the same cannot be said for #2 Dr. Zoidberg. America’s favorite crustacean was ousted by Popeye. Maybe those of you voting were drunk? Or have never watched Futurama? Either way, you all have spoken and the drunken sailor advances to round 2.
I always wondered who was loved more by our generation—the Turtles or the Ghostbusters? Well, only one Ghostbuster made it to the second round, while ALL four turtles advanced.
Finally, I believe the 3-6 games are some of the best matchups in the tournament. With that being said, we have Donatello matched up against little Ralphie, while Bugs Bunny squares off with good ole’ Charlie Brown. Oh yeah, and Duffman dukes it out with the man with no name. Zapp Brannigan.
So continue to vote, since every vote matters as we saw in the last round. My partner in crime Gally will (hopefully) has set up another fast and easy survey voting process for everyone (because he is awesome).
And I’m throwing it out there now…the kid from Bluffington is taking home the title.
#1 Peter Griffin vs. #8 Scooby Doo
#12 Ninja Turtle Raphael vs. #4 Philip Fry
#6 Ninja Turtle Donatello vs. #3 Ralph Wiggum
#10 Buster Bunny vs. #2 Doug Funnie
#1 Homer Simpson vs. #9 Yogi Bear
#5 Inspector Gadget vs. #4 Ninja Turtle Michelangelo
#6 Bugs Bunny vs. #3 Charlie Brown
#7 Pinky and the Brain vs. #15 Popeye
#1 Eric Cartman vs. #9 Tom and Jerry
#5 Ninja Turtle Leonardo vs. #4 Scrooge McDuck
#6 Ghostbuster Egon Spengler vs. #3 Glenn Quagmire
#10 Tommy Pickles vs. #2 Darkwing Duck
#1 He-Man vs. #8 Shredder
#12 Animaniac Wacko vs. #4 Fred Flintstone
#6 Duffman vs. #3 Zapp Brannigan
#7 Mickey Mouse vs. #2 Optimus Prime
Again, the link is