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News, Notes, and Taco Bell

November 21, 2008
With the Georgia Tech win over Miami last night, something utterly ridiculous happened.
Virginia Tech now controls their own destiny.
No. That is not a joke.
If we beat Duke and UVA, we are in the ACC Championship.
Get your bomb shelter ready. The world is about to asplode.
Now, the chances of this team actually taking care of business is slim, even approaching zero percent. But as Lloyd so eloquently put it:

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!!

We’d also like to address another portion of what some of the players have been saying.
This is from offensive lineman Nick Marshman:

“He spends time in here nonstop watching film, getting us ready. People sit on blogs and try to say what they know and all that, but ultimately they don’t understand what it takes to be a college coach, staying in here late, not being with your family. That’s what he does for us. He loves us all like sons. He wants to see us do good. He wants to see us win. He gives up time with his own family to be here and watch film with us.”

Do we think he’s calling us out? Of course not. We’re fairly certain only our mothers and girlfriends (if we had any) are the only ones reading this site.
But he is missing the point of all of our arguments. We know Voldemort is a good guy. He’s probably a pleasure to be around, and we’re sure he works much harder at his job than we do at ours.
The problem lies in the fact that his job is being the offensive coordinator at a big time college football program. It’s great that you work hard, but if you can’t get it done then you can’t get it done.
It’s not like any of us could do better. Hell, we just learned an NFL game could end in a tie. But we know how to read results. And the numbers do not bear any resemblance to success.
We don’t wish any ill will to him. We would just like to see him not be our offensive coordinator any more.
So why the Taco Bell? Well, for no reason other than it is awesome. The only excuse to leave a bar prior to last call is to make it to the TB drive-thru.

They have to put it in an f’ing box to contain the awesomeness.

This box would be better.

Bring it.

Go Hokies!!!