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April 30, 2009

We may have lost our way, but we remember what is at the heart of this blog: Virginia Tech football. Hence the name “The North End Zone”. Get it? It’s the name of the student section at Lane Stadium. The football stadium that the Hokies play in. Get it?

Anyways, a writer just posted his pre-season Top 25 teams. Guess where we are. Here’s a hint: it’s the number of posts CGally had this month. That’s right, we’re number 5.

Now there are some out there that are very excited that we’re ranked so high. There are also some out there that may think there are a lot of us out here who are excited about being number 5. But if I had to render a guess, I would place the majority of Hokie Nation as “less than amused” at being thrown in with the likes of Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and USC.

For one, this sets high standards that we have not reached since 1999. Those top 4 are perennial threats for the BCS Championship, and we have been to all of one. And we lost.

Secondly, this puts a bullseye on our back for everyone we play (including ‘Bama – at #10 – in our first game) and we generally don’t handle that well. We are more of a “don’t look at us and we will do well” kind of team.

Thirdly, I honestly don’t think we have that kind of talent. Then again, pre-season rankings mean less than CGally’s promises, so we shoudn’t hold onto this as a solid prediction. We can be a strong team, and I don’t forsee us in the top 5 at the end of the season, but there is no reason (well maybe one reason – STINESPRIIING!) we can’t finish atop the ACC and within the Top 10.

Before we let this whole pre-season top 5 ranking go to our collective head, let’s just remember who has been predicted to win the ACC the last, like, 18 years. Clemson. How many times have they even been a factor? Pretty much never. What we need to do is go in with our heads down (in the gritty way, not the feeling depressed way) and take care of business. The time to rest on our laurels is when we actually have the laurels to rest on and not a minute before. Because we know what happens when we pat ourselves on the back before the game is over: Two touchdowns, lost game, opposing quaterback gets hit on by every broadcaster in America, signs a multimillion dollar contract with the Falcons, becomes one of the better rookie QBs in the league, and we get that video replayed while we’re watching NFL games until he retires.