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Game 2: Marshall Predictions

September 11, 2009

Even losses provide winners. And for the first time I’ve known him, the DiP actually did something right.

His 24-20 prediction was the closest, despite not picking the winner. We give no points to picking the winner. Unless you pick Tech.

So for Mr. DiP, the Trophy of Awesomeness is his. This week’s trophy? Well, despite his family having invented it, he’ll be taking home a lifetime supply of the greatest candy ever…

It’s sugar in a bag. Freaking genius.


On to this week’s picks. All scores come with a Virginia Tech victory.

C Gally: 42-10, double-digit sacks for the defense

The DiP: 31-13, Marshall’s offense outscores ours

Wright: 30-17, might closer, but the Marshall players will likely smoke up in the locker room pregame with an Ode to Pennington

Maniak: 23-10

Poppa Gally: 21-7, 1 blocked kick, 1 punt return for a touchdown

The Northerner: 34-3, two TDs by our defense – one being by Virgil on a turnover; 30+ yard TD run by Williams; red zone scramble/QB sneak for TD by Tyrod; and then two field goals. Book it.

B-Dubs: In accordance with Marshall law, the Thundering Herd will stampede their way into an angry Lane Stadium. Not knowing what to do they will call Byron Leftwhich to save the day andrealize that he is still just a mediocre QB. Hopes deflate, the Hokies win 42-3.

The CMU Football Analyst: 34-20, Tech wins the Battle of the Sleepy College Towns.

Meet Bag: 30-10

G Way: 41-7 in an offensive explosion that will trick us into thinking the offense might be improving until we get to next week against Nebraska, where we just rely on the D again.

Kyle, the Hokie Ambassador to Africa: 37-10

The Bull: Ryan Williams = 18, Virginia Tech Kicker Matt Waldron = 9, Marshall = 10. Hokies win 27-10.

Bobby the Ginger: Bryan Stinespring finds out that his playbook contains more pages than “See Spot Run” and the Hokies score 30 offensive points. Final score Hokies 37-10.


As usual, we ask a fan of our opponent their prediction. Fortunately, our Marshall fan is M Gally, sister to your humble editor and lifelong Hokie fan*.

*Technically speaking, this makes her a Hokie.

Her prediction is 35-15 VT. Smartest girl at that school.

All readers, long time or one time, are welcome to leave their scores in the comments. And yes, we do take them into account for the weekly Trophy of Awesomeness.


In Tommy Lee Jones we trust. LET’S GO HOKIES!!

Game 1: Alabama Predictions

September 4, 2009

And now, the season is really getting going.

Once again, we make our fearless predictions for this week’s game. Whoever is closest, based on our BCS-like calculations, wins a fabulous prize*.

*prize yet to be determined, but is most likely not fabulous.

Let’s see ’em:

Gally: 14-12 VT

The Northerner: 17-14 VT

Maniak: 20-17 VT

Meet-Bag: 20 – 13 VT

B-Dubs: 24-10 VT

The Bull: 17-13 VT

The DiP: 24-20 VT

Wright: 20-17 VT

Poppa Gally: DEFENSE!!!! VT 14 – Ala 10………At a minimum……1 BLOCKED KICK!!!!**
**copy and pasted directly from the email

The CMU Football Analyst: 24-17 Alabama***
***no one likes him

GWay: 17-10 VT

Bobby the Ginger: 16-10 VT

We usually like to get a prediction from a fan of our opponent. But since we have jobs and live in a city with economic growth, we don’t know any Alabama fans to ask.

So if there are any ‘Bama folk out there, please leave your score predictions in the comments. If you think someone will score over 20 points, ask a friend if you can borrow his fingers and toes.


And of course, Tech fans should absolutely let us know their scores. (See the section about a fabulous prize up above.) Just try to be as fair and balanced as we were in our predictions.

GT Predictions

September 12, 2008
(insert joke about Tech playing Tech here)
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s congratulate Maniak on his prediction of 27 – 10 for the Furman game. Though he added nothing in the way of extra information, his score was the closest, and that’s all that matters.
So congrats, Maniak. Here’s your trophy:

Yes, it’s a female bowling trophy. You get what you pay for here at The North End Zone.


Now, on to this week’s picks.

C Gally: 24 – 21 VT, last second field goal.

Wright: 21 – 17 GT

Lady Wright (I know, I’m as shocked as you are): 31 – 28 GT

The Bull: 17 – 14 GT. When questioned on this pick, The Bull justified his selection by officially endorsing McCain.

Maniak: 20 – 14 VT

B-Dubs: 20 – 17 VT

Carnegie Mellon’s Super-Scientific Football Analyst: 17 – 10 VT (in overtime)

The DiP: 24 – 13 GT (Yeesh, dude. Have some faith.)

The Northerner: 17 – 14 VT (some sort of Mighty Ducks shenanigans will lead the Hokies to victory)


So there you have it folks. The bold predictions from cowardly men (and a chick).

4 of 9 folks are picking the Yellow Jackets to leave Blacksburg victorious. The others say they are nothing but fizzles. And they will get away with it.

So saddle up and get ready. This is why you love this game.

Sig be with you.


ECU Predictions

August 29, 2008

We are mere hours away from kick off, and it’s time for the weekly predictions. This year, we’ll give out an award to each week’s winner based on Tech’s score, the opponent’s score, and score differential. If it confuses you, that’s ok. We’ll probably just make it up anyways.

We would keep a running tally for the season, but we are far too lazy for that.

Without further ado, let’s check to see what the experts (ha!) have to say about the ECU contest:

C Gally: 20 – 10 VT
Dip: 23 – 10 VT
B Bull: 17 – 10 VT
Wright: 22 – 14 VT*
Carnegie Mellon’s Super-Scientific Football Analyst: 32 – 14 VT*
B Dubs: 24 – 10 VT
Poppa Gally: 28 – 7 VT

*We’re not quite sure how one scores 22 or 32 points in a football game, but whatever. It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Cry if you want to. Cry if you want to.

After our ECU preview was posted, we received a picture that no words can describe.

Tech Tech VPI indeed.

Go Hokies!!