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Orange Bowl, part duex

December 31, 2008
So here we are again. Another BCS bowl game, another opportunity for Tech to make a statement. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You want to be a big time program, you win this football game.

In 1995, the Hokies took down Texas in a huge Sugar Bowl upset. 4 years later we’re in the championship game. We doubt that was coincidental.

We’ve had 2 other chances to win huge BCS games, and blown them both. (Yeah yeah, Auburn was good, but beatable).

As far as this match up goes, we really have no idea. The only Cincy game any of us watched this year was their almost-debacle against WVU. But we doubt very much that the winning or losing of the game rests with the Bearcats.

No no, that responsibility lies with us. Well, not us the fans, but the team we root for. What Hokie squad will show up? The lights out team that played in the ACC Championship, or the “Let’s Pass On 3 Straight Downs Even Though We Are Up By 5 Against ECU With Only 4 Minutes Left” team. Though, to be fair, the latter was more of a coaching decision… hintity hint hint.

But whatever you think of this season, the fact remains that we can make great strides by winning this game. Let’s get this thing done so we can stop living in 1995. No one wants that.



Congrats to last week’s winner and recently added prediction expert Bobby P. For those who are not familiar with ol’ BP, he’s about as ginger as they come.

So for you, you get the most successful ginger of all time…

Hope this makes up for you guys not having souls.
Now, on to this week’s picks:
C Gally: 18 – 12 VT, no offensive touchdowns

The DiP: 20 – 16 VT

The Northerner: 28 – 24 VT

CMU Football Analyst: 29 – 14 VT

B Dubs 31 – 10 VT

Wright: 24 – 17 Cincy (words cannot describe how much we hate you, Mr. Wright)

Lady Wright: 24 – 17 VT

The Bull: 24 – 21 VT

G Way: 24 – 10 VT, a blocked kick and defensive score

Maniak: 24 – 9 VT, blocked punt

Poppa Gally: 35 – 14 VT, 3 blocked kicks, defense scores 3 touchdowns. (Clearly in the realm of possibility.)

We really don’t know anyone that went to Cincinnati. Not really shocking, if you’ve ever actually visited the city. So we sent a letter to Chad Johnson, stating that we’d like an opinion from the 3rd best receiver on the Bengals. We received no response.

Good luck to all. The winner of this may actually get some sort of prize, but most likely not.


We knew this day would come. We’ve used Sig so much already, and Mr. McQueen is out.

Here are some of the possible heroes we considered:


Greased Up Deaf Guy

Disco Stu

John Candy


Richard Roma

If you don’t know this movie, you are no better than a ginger.

(I bet you all thought that we’d go with Baby Mangino as an excuse to put his picture up one last time. But you are wrong…. we will be having an end of year post.)

But only one man could come up with all the qualities needed for this win. Having never won a BCS game before, we need someone resourceful. Someone who can think on their feet to meet an opponent we’ve not yet seen. We’ll need a kick ass attitude and a cocky stride.

At first, we thought the man was Poochie.

But no. We need a true hero.

You guessed it.

Captain Steven Hiller from Independence Day.

Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!