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Hatefest 2009: Why we hate… OSU

July 23, 2009

Columbus’s only team of note is the Buckeyes (sorry for all that thought it was going to be Blue Jackets, and really sorry for all that thought it was going to be the Crew). Also, Ohio State University feels that they are the only state college worthy of note in Ohio. We beg to differ. Let the hate begin.


The Team:

The Buckeyes are annually one of the most overrated, overhyped, and over loved teams by the pollsters and the media. Ohio State gets some of the best high school talent in the nation. However, they never seem to have enough speed or athleticism to handle teams from the other BCS conferences. Some might blame the coach for not getting the most out of some of the best talent in the nation, but Tressel seems to get a free pass. I think it’s because of the sweater vest.

Ohio State can easily beat up on the other slower (somehow) Big 11 teams year in and year out. This helps them secure BCS and National Championship bids. No wonder the BIG 11 always votes no to a playoff, when they make it look so easy to get to bowl games.


The Town:

Ohio State is located in Columbus, Ohio. Yet, Christopher Columbus did not discover it. If he did he would have turned right around and would have never spoken of the new world.


The Fans and Students and Alumni:

Seriously, if one more student of former athlete calls the school The Ohio State University I might explode. There is nothing more annoying then when you are trying to get a beer during the player introductions and you can hear the athlete yell “THE” from the other room but nothing else. They seem a little too pompous for a school that is 0 for their last 3 in championships for football and basketball.

One of the biggest OSU supports seems to be the one and only Kirk Herbstreit. Being a former Buckeye quarterback his love for OSU is only matched by is love for USC. Try to be a little more neutral for those two teams there Kirk.



Jim Tressel here are a couple math truths for you, 38 > 24 and 41 > 14. Also, there is only one man who can rock a sweater vest well and its not you Jim.

mmmmmm Argyle

Deep Thoughts: National Championship Game

January 9, 2007

So Ohio State got trounced last night, 41-14. Somehow, the drubbing of Notre Dame by the same score was so much more fulfilling. Here are the random highlights:

  • Urban Meyer had the best lip reading of the night. After the Gators were flagged for a suspect call on a punt, the coach let the ref know, “You f***ed that one up”. Thank you, Tivo. Best lip reading caught by the cameras since Brady Quinn dropped the “Oh f*** me” while getting torn apart at USC.
  • Yes, that is a nice truck, and it can withstand a good bit of punishment. But I think the real story here is the 10 foot tall Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots. These guys are fighting, and no one is in the arena watching?? Hardly logical.
  • A surprisingly low number of adds for the bowl sponsor Tostitos (against the standard for sponsors). And how do you explain to the 6-year-old actor why he’s saying the words “mommy and daddy wrestling”?
  • We definitely enjoyed having 2 players from each side (Emmitt Smith and Eddie George) fighting with each other at the desk. At least they don’t hide their rooting interests like Mr. Holtssscchh. If anyone caught the pregame, you were treated to a very awkward video of Richard Lewis, an OSU grad. Emmitt definitely pulled out what we were all thinking: “The best guy you could get for Ohio State was Richard Lewis?” Dagger. Dude, the guy was King John in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. His career was legitimized then.
  • Unlike the OSU O-line, Holly Rowe apparently decided to show up, most likely for ESPN Radio. We will refrain from using the obviously line of having something made for radio. The brief glimpses of her on the sideline made us shudder a bit. Rumor is she left early to party it up with Pam Ward.
  • Despite Florida’s obvious domination and right to the #1 spot, one AP writer felt it necessary to vote for Boise State at #1. While he may be incorrect, I totally agree with the non-violent protest of the BCS system. Glad to see Dr. King’s spirit put towards good use in today’s society.
  • Surprised no Florida players proposed to a cheerleader after the game. The Gator cheerleaders looked like great marriage material.
  • Also during the pregame, FOX did a story about Troy Smith growing up in Cleveland. Let’s just say the images they used surely displeased the Cleveland Board of Tourism… if there is a Cleveland Board of Tourism. Ironically, his father had on a gold necklace of the state of Louisiana at the game. Pretty sure the images of that state are currently better than those of Cleveland.

Other than that, the game was pretty much straight forward. Ohio State had momentum for exactly 16 seconds at the beginning of the game. Troy Smith looked like Peyton Manning under pressure, without the throwing of the O-line under the bus. Thus closes another wonderful year in college football. Fear not folks, the start of the Arena League season is right around the corner.