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Tom Cable vs. Randy Hanson

August 19, 2009

You know, we are willing to bet that on first glance of those names, you are thinking: who the hell are these guys? Well, Tom Cable is the head coach, while Randy Hanson is a defensive assistant for the Oakland Raiders.

Reports have been looming, and now the NFL is investigating, that Cable punched Hanson in the jaw. Let’s be realistic – is anyone really shocked? This is, after all, the Oakland Raiders. The same team that had Lane Kiffin as a coach who was fired for insubordination and lying (no different than what he does at Tennessee now). The same team that had Bill Callahan as coach who called his team “the dumbest team in America” in 2003. Oh yeah, they had Randy Moss, too.

Regardless, we are going to go ahead and put Tom Cable up there with Michael Crabtree as biggest idiot of the year.

Again, one word for this: FAIL.

He’s out

May 20, 2009

RICHMOND, Va. – An attorney for Michael Vick says the suspended NFL star has left a Kansas prison and is on his way back to Virginia to meet the next challenges he’ll face.

Larry Woodward, a member of Vick’s legal team, says Vick left the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth overnight. Woodward says Vick is happy to be starting this part of the process. He’s due to return to Virginia later this week to begin serving the final two months of his sentence under home confinement at a home he owns in Hampton.

And so begins the attempt to get back into the football world. Some are saying Goodell may ban him from the league, but in my opinion, if he hasn’t done it already, then he probably won’t do it. And also, if Ray Lewis can kill a guy with his own hands, I don’t see why Vick can’t come back from funding a dog fighting ring. And ask the Fiancee, you won’t find a bigger dog fan than me.

I just hope that for his sake and the sake of everyone, that he doesn’t go and play for the Raiders. That team just needs to go away. Now that Jake Grove is on the Dolphins and DeAngelo Hall is on the ‘Skins, of course.

Side note: Did anyone see that Bruce Smith got busted for a DUI the other day? What is up with all these former VT football players being in the news lately?

Side Side note: Going through the list of VT players in the NFL I found out that apparently Glennon is quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. That would explain why Favre is on the fence about playing. Too tough of competition.