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O.J.’s Up to His Old Tricks!

September 19, 2007

Well well well, O.J., we hardly knew ye. You went from an all-pro hall of famer running back to a murderer to a thief. Well, I guess you deserve some slack; after all, it was you who first established the “If the glove don’t fit, then you must acquit” and actually had his murder charges dismissed (ha!).

So we are all familiar with his murder trial, and I am sure by now you have heard that O.J. is being charged with stealing his own memorabilia. Wait, what? Why would he have to do that? Oh that’s right, he had to sell his life to try and pay off the civiil suit for that same murder (which, by the way, is still not paid off – more than a decade later). But yes, O.J has somehow found a way to steal his own memorabilia, items that include his Hall of Fame certificate and the suit that he wore on the day he was acquitted.

Now, I can see why he might want to steal his own Hall of Fame certificate, but the suit? Why? The only thing I can think of is that he wants a little something to remember the day he was able to make a fool out of the jury that acquitted him of murder simply because the glove didn’t fit (come ON, give me a break!!). Something tells me O.J. might wear that suit every day just to rub it in if he could.

So, what’s the excuse this time? You may have heard it before, and yes, you will hear it again: a set up. Yep, that’s right, of course it’s a set up, O.J. would never commit an armed robbery, right? Just like he never committed murder! I’m sorry, but if he goes to court again and is able to put on a glove that doesn’t fit and gets out of this one, I will just snap. But that’s neither here nor there, so we’ll leave it at that.

And there you have it, folks – O.J. at his finest! Who wants to give me odds that he gets out of this one?