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Gobbler Country Roundtable: Question #3

April 1, 2009

The Gobbler over at Gobbler Country asked us to participate in a little Springtime Hokie roundtable discussion. We obviously obliged, seeing how we are the premium experts on all things Virginia Tech.

Five questions were submitted. The Northerner and your humble editor went back and forth in our usual “we kind of hate each other” style. Enjoy.

Also, any additional questions may be submitted, and we will tackle them with the force of a thousand Vince Hall’s.


Question #3: “What position do you think is most important to the Hokies on the defensive side of the ball this spring? Are there any young players who will step up during spring on that side of the ball?”

C Gally: Well, crap. An actual question about players, assuming that we know about this stuff. Being drunk for half of the games does not lend itself to learning the players’ tendencies.

That being said, the answer is absolutely 100% YES. While I have no idea who it will be, when was the last time a young player didn’t step up on defense? Hell, it’s usually the multi-year starters that seem to fall off.

cough cough Jimmy Williams cough cough

The N: Every position is the most important on defense. If there was an unimportant position on the defensive side, it wouldn’t be a position anymore. We rely on our linebackers, our rovers, our cornerbacks, everything. You take one of those away and we have a major hole (that’s what she said). As for which player will step up, let’s go with…. Rashad Carmichael. He’s the oldest cornerback we have since Macho left, and we have always been relatively strong in the cornerback position. So I think he will have to step up, and you can bet that Foster is giving this guy tons of tape on how the position is played. I have faith in our defensive coaches that this position will not be an afterthought.

C Gally: Phew, an actual name, good. Now we totally look legit.

The only worry I ever have about our defense is that it will be too good, and Foster will become a head coach somewhere else. I also fear for the health and safety of the opponent’s offensive players. As much as I hate Miami, I’d feel slightly bad if we hurt one of their players.

Now, hurting one of their fans on the other hand…

The N: Yeah, I don’t feel bad about hurting their players. (Editor’s note: what a douche) And our defense is one of the top in the nation. Making it one of the top 5 will not create that much more desire for Bud Foster. I’m shocked he didn’t go to Clemson this year, but I’m not going to constantly worry about when he will leave. Maybe he’s just a terrible interviewer. Let’s hope.

C Gally: It actually keeps me up at night.