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Tech vs. Baylor… the aftermath

March 24, 2009

Warning: The following words are filled with slightly drunken hatred, poor English, and terrible rhymes.

You know, there aren’t many things I get up at 11 am on a Saturday to do. Skiing, tailgating, and the Preakness come to mind. Do you have any idea the effort it takes to get up to watch an NIT basketball game?

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do. But apparently our basketball team does not. We can try to keep the swearing to a minimum from here on out, but no promises.


So let’s set the scene, shall we? Headed to a friend’s place for a barbecue. We told him we’d be there around 11 to watch the game. He went to the effort of setting up a second tv in the main room to watch the NCAA games when they came on. You know, for the people that care about that 2nd rate tournament.

It quickly became the most pathetic scene in the history of life. Two Hokies, sitting on the couch, watching that dry heave of a basketball game. People didn’t even make fun of us. They just felt sorry. I think we were down by 15 before we finished our first beer (which was quickly).


Look, we know Baylor isn’t terrible. But sweet lord of the extension cord, what the f** was that?!?! An 18 point loss at home in the post season. Thanks for the past four years, A.D. Sorry your going away party is so lame.

We have no idea where to start. I guess we can begin with a line from the write up:

An 18-3 run, capped by two A.D. Vassallo free throws, got the Hokies to within 65-52…

It took a 15 point swing to get within 13 points. Let that sink in a little bit.

So what was the problem? Scoring? Rebounding? Coaching? Hot dogs? We have no clue whatsoever. Our best guess is that Baylor hired some guys to take the Tech team on a bar crawl Friday night.

At least A.D. and Delaney are consistent. They both managed to make 4 of 17 from the field. I’m not saying my sister could make 4 shots in 17, but my sister could make 4 shots in 17.


So that’s it. It’s all over. We’ll recap the season later, but we had to get everything out on paper now. At least your humble editor gets to spend this week in Ocean City. In March. Oh wait…

Note: We realize every player on Tech could beat us in a game of horse, air hockey, and probably Wii Mario Kart. We were just kidding guys.

NIT Tournament Second Round: Baylor

March 20, 2009
We don’t know anything about Baylor except that it’s in Texas. Oh, and Angela Kinsey went there.

The tip is slated for 11 am Saturday morning. Yeah, you read that right. We are actually starting a sporting event before noon. Lord knows I will not be starting anything before noon.

After that wonderful performance against Duquesne, we’re not exactly excited about watching this game while dealing with hangover city. But it’s a Tech basketball game, and we’ll root wholeheartedly.

In honor of a game against Angela, we have to play hard ball. Or hate ball.

He is totally going to bang Baylor.


NIT Round One: Duquensne

March 18, 2009
(That may be spelled wrong, but go ahead and try to call us out.)

Another year, another NIT. We’re still not quite sure how to cover this. It feels like a bad bowl game, but worse.

If you win the NIT, do you celebrate? Or is it more of a “meh”? We don’t know these things, and we don’t have the stomach to figure them out.

Our opponent will be the Dukes from Duquense. They were a win away from an automatic tournament berth, but had to accept a 7 seed in the NIT. They are a tiny school which I have only seen during a Pittsburgh-area high school football game.

There should be no match up here. Period. We should win and win handily. This isn’t a jinx, because its a fact.

Will we win handily? Well, that’s not so much a fact as it is a coin flip. We seem to be the only team with the ability to play Christiansburg High School and the Celtics close.

But to take down a duke, we need a king.


The North End Zone Bracket(s) Challenge

March 17, 2009

Yes, there are brackets galore here at the NEZ.

First off, we have the First Annual North End Zone Bracket Challenge. The winner will get some sort of thrown together prize, and we’ll be sure to make it classy. It will most likely be a choice of power hours, be it Irish, TV Theme, or our imfamous Earth Day Mix. Sharpie on a burned cd is classy to us.


And since you can’t spell Virginia Tech without N-I-T, we are actually doing an NIT bracket.

No one out there is sad enough to start this, so we are rocking it out in Excel. Go here, download the sheet, fill out your teams, and email it to We expect our inbox will be able to handle the load. Brackets are due by game time tomorrow.

Though we should all be chided for participating in such an activity, the prize will also be a powerhour.


And of course, do not forget about the on going TV Theme play-in. The final brackets will be announced Wednesday evening.

Good luck to everyone. Especially those poor souls joining us in the NIT Challenge.

NIT Schedule

March 16, 2009

Well we got boxed-out of the NCAA Tourney again. Not really a shock. But we did make it into the NIT, which is still cool. (OK, it’s not, but this is what we need to tell ourselves, got it?) Our first game is on Wednesday the 18th at 7PM against Duquesne. And we’re a two-seed!

Normally, I would make some snide comment along the lines of “who the hell is Duquesne?” But alas, I have heard of this school. Appropriately enough, one of my many (haha, sadly no) ex-girlfriends graduated from there, thus giving me new-found reason to want to win in the first round of this pseudo-tournament.

A little background on Duquesne. It is pronounced dook-ayne. Well really doo-kayne, but the first way makes it sound more like the stupid cheating Blue Devils, and the more we hate this opponent, the better. It is located in Pittsburgh. South Side, for all of you Pittsburgh fan(s). Their mascot is the “duke” (clever, we know) and they suck at basically every sport known to man. Their “rec” field is the same field that their football team plays on and you have to walk across it to get to the parking lot from the dorms. Needless to say, they don’t respect their football team (gasp! yes there are schools like this).

Other than that their colors are who cares and their fight song is no one gives a shit. The end.

Soooooo, Let’s go HOKIES!!! Gobble gobble, bitches.