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June 9, 2009

Let’s look at the lineup for tonight:

  • NBA Finals game 3
  • Stanley Cup Final Game Game 6
  • Phillies v. Mets
  • Yankees v. Red Sox

If you don’t have your popcorn ready tonight, I’m sending TO after you.

It seems like the sports gods have decided that today is a good day to make television into a sports clusterf@*k. And it doesn’t really get any calmer until next week. Needless to say there will be more bball, and the Stanley Cup could go to a Game 7, but the main draw is that after the Yankees/Red Sox and Phils/Mets series we do a little switcheroo and we have a subway series going down in the Bronx as well as what some are saying could be a World Series preview between the Phightin’s and the Sox.

So pick something to watch tonight, because there will be a quiz tomorrow. If you want to see some (fingers crossed) magic, watch the best rivalry in sports, because my boy Beckett is on the hill, and he means business.

This could only happen to the Mets

June 3, 2009

MYFOXNY.COM – A member of the Mets’ traveling party has been hospitalized in Pittsburgh with a possible case of swine flu, according to a New York Post report.

The person is part of the SNY broadcast crew that travels with the club, the report said. The crew member is apparently in isolation at the hospital.

Meantime Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran is out for the third consecutive game because of a stomach virus. The team believes Beltran is suffering from a gastrointestinal virus and not swine flu.

Pitcher John Maine has also been dealing with a stomach illness.

So the evidence piles up at the feet of swine flu: A Mets employee who travels with them has some kind of flu, Mets players have some kind of stomach virus (which was also described as “flu-like symptoms”), there have been several cases of swine flu in NY, the Mets play in NY, and it is well known that Carlos Beltran has a pig farm. Ok, that last one was made up, but it could be true, you never know.

I wonder what the protocol is for a situation like this. I’m guessing they would have to be quarantined from the rest of the team until they got better, but imagine the implications of this. Pro baseball player gets swine flu, travels to Pittsburgh, infects a Pirates player, Pirates player hangs out with Sidney Crosby while the Penguins are in town for their home games of the Cup, Crosby makes out with 15 dudes, they pass it on to the Red Wings, Red Wings take it back to Detroit who has no hospitals because their city is dying (metaphorically) and then cannot treat the citizens who catch it and then their city starts dying (literally).

The Mets could be responsible for the final crushing blow to the City of Detroit. And the loss of the Stanley Cup for the Penguins. The logic needs to be worked out in more detail, but the main idea is still there. This could be HUGE. Stay tuned for further details.

Weekend recap

May 26, 2009

This past weekend was chock full of awesome shit going down including, but not limited to, the fact that I went on a tour of Fenway Park, got to go inside the Monster, ate lunch with Jed Lowrie, took in two Sox games, watched some BP from behind the plate, and got to try on the 2004 and 2007 World Series rings as well as hold the trophies. As for the deal of the recap, I got roped into an important project as soon as I got into work, and just now am getting some break time. So here we go.

1. Helio Castroneves won the Indy 500 for the third time in his career. For a guy who just barely beat a tax evasion rap which would have sent him to the clink for roughly 6 years only a few weeks ago, I would say this a pretty nice comeback.

2. The Penguins now lead the Caps 3-0 in the series and can close it out tonight. Will they? Won’t they? All we know is that the Red Wings will probably win another Cup because they are straight up dominating the Blackhawks. The Pens look good, but they don’t look that good. And from that, we get a potential success story from a city that, no arguments, needs it. But no one will care anyways, because who the hell is still left in Detroit to root for the Red Wings. (also, they win the award for the grossest nickname in sports. look it up on if you don’t get it)

3. The Sox dropped two of three to the Mets this weekend, but it was OK, because they are the Mets and they are going to miss the playoffs yet again while we take the World Series for the 3rd time this decade. On a related note, I have come to the conclusion that New York fans are the worst fans in the world. Worse than Boston fans, worse than Philly fans (gasp!) and worse than Dallas fans. They are the most fairweathered, in-your-face-when-we’re-winning, start-shit-with-people-for-no-reason, obnoxious and trashy fans out there. Go to a New York sporting event and you will see exactly what I mean.

4. The Cavs and Lakers will be playing each other in the NBA Finals, just as everyone called at the beginning of the… what? The Lakers are tied up 2-2 and the Magic lead the Cavs 2-1? Damn, that sucks for you analysts out there who claimed these series’ were going to be easy wins.

5. Jose Canseco had his MMA debut and got his ass taken down in a swift minute seventeen when he fought a ginormous Korean named Hong Man Choi. Choi dropped Canseco to the mat and went to town on his head forcing the refs to call the fight while it was still in the first round. Guess Canseco will really stop at nothing to keep himself in the spotlight, or is it that he’s as broke as Lenny Dykstra? A little from Column A, a little from Column B.

6. Cornell knocked off UVa (yay!) to take on Syracuse, who, for those of you who don’t know, is a friggin’ college lacrosse powerhouse. Cornell pulled the upset by being a five-seed to UVa’s two-seed, and led ‘Cuse all game long. That is until the Big Orange tied it up with 4 seconds left in the game. Then in overtime, Syracuse put the finishing move on Cornell and dropped one in to win 10-9. I tried to explain this to CGally, but for those of you who like hockey, you should really pay attention to lacrosse. It’s basically hockey in the air. The only difference is really the scoring, which may be a big deal, but the game is so fast and exciting, I’m willing to bet anyone watching it will be hooked immediately. There are few other sports where you can be down by five scores with less than a minute left and still win. I’ve seen it happen. Several times. Check it out. It’s worth it.

So there you go, hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend, and a few beers to help kick off summer.

Sooo… The Mets are still pathetic?

May 19, 2009

LOS ANGELES – A miserable day for the New York Mets ended with an exasperating loss.

First, they learned that cleanup hitter Carlos Delgado needs right hip surgery that will sideline him indefinitely. Then they lost reserve infielder Alex Cora to the disabled list because of a torn ligament in his right thumb — keeping him from subbing for ailing shortstop Jose Reyes.

And once the game started Monday night, it only got worse.

That “only got worse” mean the six (6) errors that the Mets made in the game. Now, if you look at the boxscore, you’ll only see five errors, because offensive errors are not counted in that total. Anyways, here is how they went down:

1. Bottom of the 4th, error by SS Ramon Ramirez.

2. Bottom of the 8th, throwing error by SS Ramon Ramirez.

3. Bottom of the 9th, throwing error on pitcher Sean Green.

4. Top of 11th, David Murphy misses the bag as he rounds third. He’s then thrown out.

5. Bottom of 11th, Carlos Beltran Drops a fly ball to put men on 2nd and 3rd.

6. Bottom of 11th, bases loaded, Orlando Hudson grounds into FC to first, Jeremy Reed throws home and completely misses the catcher, allowing the winning run to score. Mets lose.

Now, it may seem that it’s all Jeremy Reed’s fault that the Mets lost because he allowed the winning run to score. But here’s the deal with Reed: He was just brought up from Buffalo to fill in Delgado’s spot at first base (Delgado is hitting the DL for surgery). And by “just brought”, I mean he arrived at the park at 6:47PM PST for a 7PM PST game from Buffalo, where it was already 9:47EST. Then he made a bad throw in the bottom of the 11th that same night. Though, I’m sure the two errors by Ramon Ramirez didn’t help.

But, to sum up this post, for any of you who may have thought that the Mets were turning it around, they are not. They are still pathetic and no one seems to know how to fix it. I still don’t understand why Santana signed there. I feel bad for them.

Editors Note: It was actually Ramon Ramirez who just came from Buffalo, not Jeremy Reed. See what happens when you get your information from blowhards on NY sports talk radio? Let this be a lesson, kids.