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Weekend Recap

March 16, 2009

As always, a lot of stuff went down this weekend in the sports world. Let us go back in time and reminisce about these days past:

1. Yesterday was selection Sunday. We didn’t make the cut. But we are in the NIT. Winning the NIT is like being the coolest kid in Mathletes. In NCAA related news, three of the four one-seeds were handed out to Big East teams, with the fourth being UNC. This is UNC’s 13th one-seeding, the most ever by anyone. Good for them. I have them winning my bracket, so I’ll have to swallow my pride and cheer for them.

2. The USA lost to Puerto Rico. Wait, let me clarify. The USA got CRUSHED by Puerto Rico in the WBC. But it’s double-elimination, so they played again last night and beat up on the Netherlands. I was liking the Netherlands, you know since they shouldn’t be there and were the pokey underdogs, until Engelhardt jacked one in the eighth and stood there posing like he just won the game, even though he hit a solo home run to make the score 8-2 rather than 8-1. But the Dutch were eliminated and everyone is happy. Except the Dutch. And the Dominicans.

3. Jay Cutler is still really pissed at the Broncos for almost trading him for Matt Cassel, even though they say they really didn’t want to. And now he’s asking for a trade. Ha! He showed them.

4. Phil Mickelson won at Doral, beating Tiger for the trophy. Oh wait. What? Tiger finished tied for ninth? Really? Hmm. That’s interesting. Though the guy is still so damn good, he has NEVER finished outside the top ten. Ever.

5. Manny Ramirez finally got his long-awaited contract from the Dodgers. How does he repay them? Sitting out of his first few days of spring training with a “sore hammy”. Ha ha. Serves you right Dodgers. We warned you. Manny is now fat and happy and doesn’t need to play for his money no mo’.

6. Dustin Pedroia is hurt. He says it isn’t bad, and let’s all hope he’s right. The Sox are going to need him this year when they win the World Series. Though, it is destiny for them to win this year, so do they really need him?

That’s all we got, because we were outside most of the time this weekend doing some yardwork and enjoying the spring-like weather. Yeah, I bet you feel bad for sleeping until noon and playing XBox all weekend now, don’t you?