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And thus starts the Pittsburgh fire sale

June 4, 2009

ATLANTA — The Braves acquired All-Star center fielder Nate McLouth from the Pittsburgh Pirates for three minor leaguers on Wednesday, a move to beef up Atlanta’s offense in hopes of contending in the NL East.

We knew it was coming soon, just not exactly when. To be honest, I’m kinda shocked they got rid of McLouth first, but then again he’s pretty much the best player on the team, which doesn’t say much since he’s hitting .256 right now. Put another way, McLouth is the most-owned player in ESPN fantasy leagues from the Pirates.

A little tip for all you Pirates fans, look out in the next coming weeks, because I’m willing to bet Freddy Sanchez is the next to go, and don’t expect to get his value back in prospects or veterans. That’s just a pipe dream right now. But I’m sure you know that already.