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Cartoon Thunderdome – All Hail King Homer!!

April 30, 2008

After more than 200 votes from you, Homer Simpson defeated Eric Cartman in the Championship round to become the first-ever Thunderdome Champion. The newly crowned king of cartoons knocked off the megalomaniacal child from South Park with a 115-97 victory.

Things seemed dim for Eric early on, as Homer jumped out to a 30+ voting advantage. However, despite recommendations to end the matchup, voting continued, and Cartman pulled within single digit votes of Simpson. But he would get no closer, and thanks to everyone’s input, America’s favorite dad from Springfield stands alone.
I thank everyone for voting and hope that you enjoyed Thunderdome ‘08. Don’t worry though, because Thunderdome ’09 will be in full force come next March.

A big thank you to Steve and everyone that voted. This was pretty awesome, and Steve quadrupled his number of posts on the site. And seriously, 200 people? Yeesh. That may seem small time for some sites, but for our little outfit here, that’s a little overwhelming.

Now sit back and be prepared for hockey and baseball posts…. is it football season yet?

Cartoon Madness – FINALS

April 23, 2008

(new survey:

Thanks to a record number of votes in the Final Four, we now have our Thunderdome Championship set: Homer Simpson vs. Eric Cartman. Both had impressive wins in the semifinals, and both have had to go through some pretty stiff competition to get to this point. Homer has had to oust Michelangelo, Pinky and the Brain, and Peter Griffin, among others, while Cartman had to knock off Leonardo, Quagmire, and Optimus Prime.
So it all comes down to this. 65 to 2. To become the first and undisputed Thunderdome Champion. On one side, you have a guy who sits on his couch with a beer and a bowl full of chili. On the other, you have a kid who chops up bullies’ parents into chili. Both have had successful movies. Both have coined popular catch phrases. Both give the FCC hell with their constant swearing on national television. But only one can walk away with all the marbles.
Again, I thank each of you for voting. I think this has been a fun activity for the past two months for me (largely because it distracts me from doing my work), and I hope you have enjoyed it as well. I’m sure everyone is excited for Thunderdome ’09 (theme in progress). And as always, please tell your friends to vote, as it has been proven that every vote counts.

National Championship

#1 Homer Simpson

vs. #1 Eric Cartman

Cartoon Madness – Elite 8

April 8, 2008


(link to new survey:

Go figure that Shredder would be the one surviving character from TMNT to move on to the Elite 8. 3 of the 4 turtles made it to the Sweet 16, and all lost, although Michelangelo nearly pulled off a big upset over Max Power. Peter knocked off Raphael and Cartman withstood Leonardo. As predicted by yours truly, the Doug Funnie – Ralph Wiggum battle would be fierce, and when the dust cleared, Bluffington’s finest advanced with a 12-10 win. Finally, Optimus may have proved that this is his tourney to win, pounding The Man With No Name 19-3. With that being said, however, FOX still gets 4 reps into the round of 8.
So we get to the regional finals, with the winners advancing to the Final Four. These should be some pretty sweet matchups, especially Peter vs. Doug. I’d LOVE to see a cartoon episode with these two in the same room, one imagining he’s fighting villains as Quailman, the other reminiscing about the time he went through that Daisy Duke phase (Come here you basketball!).
So below are the matchups. Continue to vote and spread the word. Watch a little baseball too if you have time, or the women’s final four if you’ve chosen that life path.

#1 Peter Griffin
vs. #2 Doug Funnie

#1 Homer Simpson
vs. #7 Pinky and the Brain

#1 Eric Cartman

vs. #3 Glenn Quagmire

#2 Optimus Prime

vs. #8 Shredder

(again, the link to the new survey: