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Thoughts on the All-Star roster

July 6, 2009

After looking through the just-released All-Star roster for the ASG on July 14th, I have some thoughts, gripes, cheers, and overall comments on how the selection turned out.

1. Albert Pujols may be the most under-appreciated player in the history of sports. Now Let me clarify this bold statement. He is under-appreciated by the media outlets. The fans have selected him as the player to whom deserves the most votes overall. This makes sense. But the fact that he lives in relative obscurity compared to some other players who haven’t even come close to what he has, is ridiculous. You have the A-Rods, the Hanley Ramirezes, the Kevin Youkilises, the David Wrights. All of them are great players, but not as good as Pujols. A-Rod and Albert may be very close when it all comes to a head, but Pujols is a consistent, non-attentionwhore who I have repeatedly made the mistake of not drafting on my fantasy team two years now, for reasons that are beyond me. I always forget about how good he is at the beginning of the season and look for the flashy star who gets talked about and hyped up but ends up putting similar or worse numbers than Pujols when all is said and done. Ok, so I guess that is the reason I never draft him, but still, bottomline, Pujols is extremely under-appreciated.

2. Derek Jeter is a good player. Great leadership, good glove (though his range is suspect), and solid bat. But seriously, is he really the best player in the AL? How does he garner the most votes of any player in the AL? He’s not doing particularly well (by his standards) this year and his range (what of it there was) has dimished greatly over the years. So much so that a lot of sportstalk radio (taken with a grain of salt, but they do have a point) has been saying that he may switch to third in the next couple of years. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be in the game or anything, just that he shouldn’t be getting the most votes overall for the entire league. If no one else, Joe Mauer deserves that title. He is fucking tearing shit up.

3. Josh Hamilton is a starting outfielder. Don’t get me wrong, he crushed it in the HR derby last year and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. But he just got off the DL Sunday, and prior to that he had been hitting .240 with 6 home runs. That’s how many Ichiro has hit thus far. This guy is supposed to be a power hitter and he is hitting as many dingers as ICHIRO. Shit, Big Papi didn’t get a homerun for his first 128 at bats and even HE has hit more home runs than Hamilton this season. I just don’t see what warrants this guy getting a starting spot on the AL team. Period.

4. Finally! Finally! Finally! Timmay gets his rightful recognition as an All-Star pitcher. The guy is like 88 years old and has been on the Red Sox for the majority of his adult life, won two WS with them and is still fucking with batter’s sight when he throws the knuckler. He’s got 10 wins so far, which even you can do the math, averages out to 20 wins on the season. He’s done well before, but never has the starting pitching in the AL been so pisspoor that he was able to get his recognition. Well today is your day. Drink one for the NEZ, Mr. Wakefield.

If you have any points you would like to add, we would love to see them in the comment section, and if you disagree with any of these points, well I couldn’t care less. You’re entitled to your opinion, even if it couldn’t be any more wrong. But go ahead and post it, we all like to laugh.

Oh and as a side note, it’s going to be interesting to see who the Pirates have to send to the ASG next year after they scuttle Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson soon. It’s pretty much a lock to be one of the LaRoche brothers, which will be hilarious.

Weekend recap

July 6, 2009

I will be taking a break from posting here (including the weekend recap) for about two weeks after Wednesday because I will be traveling to Maryland to go get myself married off to a wonderful, albeit unsuspecting, girl. Then I will be living it up in St. Lucia for a week. So you suckers can enjoy the infrequent posts about how great Ben Rothlinstein is going to be this year from CGally. Anyways, on to the recap!

1. Roger Federer won the Wimbledon on Sunday to take home his 15th (and historically most) grand slam title. Also of note is that the last set was the longest in history lasting 1 hour and 35 minutes. The set consisted of 30 total points, breaking the record of 20 points.

2. Steve McNair was fatally shot and killed in Nashville. Not that I’m taking bets or anything, but given the evidence and the non-information from the police, I’m banking on the fact that this was a murder-suicide. Terrible news.

3. The MLB All-Star rosters were announced. Some surprises, some not surprises. More to come later.

4. Joey Chestnut pwned the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest this year eating a gut-busting, toilet-dominating (and record-breaking) 68 hot dogs. That’s just fucking gross. Kinda makes me hungry though. Kobayashi ate only 64.5 HDBs (hot dogs and buns) to come in second. Third place finisher (who doesn’t deserve a name) came in at 55 HDBs. In case you were wondering, yes they do take bets for this shit, and the over was 62.5, which he easily beat.

5. ManRam came back from the restricted list (for taking female fertility drugs) and did not play. His legs were tired, so he rested. Because nothing calls for a day off more than just finishing 50 of them. Oh LA, you are a shitshow.

6. The Tour de France is going on, but America is back to where it normally stands and doesn’t care. Cry for me cyclers. Your sport is once again under-appreciated. Boo. Hoo. If you want some acknowledgement, go eat a shit ton of hot dogs. Then, as a country, we will care.