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THIS JUST IN: Offense has room to improve

July 2, 2009

Now that July has started, we can expect the number of season previews to start rolling any minu… why looky here! ESPN has already started. (Its ESPN Insider, fyi. We’re sure someone you know has it and will give you a password if you ask nicely.)

But here’s pretty much the rundown:

1. Our offense has sucked (derrrrrrr)

And boy, did it suck. It was some of the worst suck to ever suck.

“How bad was it? Well, eight of 120 Division I teams (including the three run-heavy academies) had worse passing games. The offensive line didn’t helped much either. Over the past two seasons, Tech has given up a Division 1 FBS-high 97 sacks.”

But fear not!! Captain Draw Play is here to rescue us!

“We’re just so much further along,” says Stinespring. “When we came into spring we knew we had to seize the opportunity to get better, but the idea wasn’t to be a year older, but a year better.”

Wanna know how we get a year better? Send Stiney to Malawi for 365 days and let the guy who played Minkus on Boy Meets World run the offense.

2. Tyrod will need to be better

Well, more-knowledgeable would be a better description.

“The bigger issue, coaches note, is how last season, they didn’t know if their players could diagnose the game well enough to improve. The stats bear it out. As defenses adjusted, Taylor struggled. Each quarter he got worse.”

Yes, it’s totally Tyrod’s fault that the coaching staff has NEVER made a halftime adjustment.

3. Despite all the craptitude on offense last season, even a slight improvement would turn into a scary thing.

“And here’s the thing: if the Tech offense does improve by what could easily be ten points a game on offense in 2009, it’ll just be widening the margins.”

Oh yeah, we still won the Orange Bowl. Suck it.

But that was mainly due to #4…

4. Defense is still pimp as ever

This just goes without saying. The article does make a good point about our special teams last year. Our opponents’ average starting field position (own 36 yard-line) was good enough for 10th in the nation.


The final quote may sum up the season perfectly, however:

“As they enter fall, Stinespring, Beamer and the Hokies know that if the offense is the strength it should be, this team has the chance to be special. Last year this team was 10-4. They got nominated for an Oscar and were holding the script upside down. Imagine if they can figure it out this year.”

So get pumped, people. Remember that season where our offense was supposed to improve over the prior season? Well it’s coming up again for the 8th year in a row.