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Hatefest 2009: Why we hate…NC State

August 21, 2009

The D-i-P is out of town and still posting. Acc Atlantic week continues with NC State.  

The Team:  

The hate for NC States stems from a 2004 football game at Lane Stadium. However, I blame the line judges more than NC State. The Hokies lost the game 17-16. With only a couple of seconds left on the clock former Hokie Brandon Pace lined up a field goal from the left hash (a horrendous hash for a right footed kicker). Well from The North End Zone the kick looked good but, the line judges waited, and waited and waited, and finally said it was no good. The boos rained down upon Lane Stadium. I had seen the replay of the game the next morning on the CSN replay and it even looked good on the TV feed. I blame the refs for feeling sorry for the awfulness of the NC State program. Or, it might be because their coach, Chuck Amato, had awful fashion sense with his choice of sunglasses.

The Men’s basketball team has had their troubles with NC State as well. The Hokies have 6 of the last 7 against NC State. The only win coming last year in OT after an 18 point comeback from the Hokies in the second half. For some reason the Hokies enjoy going out the night before the NC State games or something like that.  

The Town and University:

NC State is a land- grant university like Virginia Tech is, so that’s ok. The one of the main focal points of their campus is their University Plaza called The Brickyard. I highly doubt it is as cool as Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  

The fans and alumni:

The Wolfpack fans are some of the less annoying of the tobacco road schools. Though, the fact that NC State used to have a nickname of The Techs is just blasphemous. At least, they should have been called The High Techs, so the fans would have had something to look at.  


The NC State football team has a familiar name on it. The one and only Mike Glennon he is the brother of former Hokie QB Sean Glennon. I hope Mike is as much of a statue of Sean was and I hope he can’t see defenders that are sitting right in front of him. The Hokies had 3 or 4 top level wide-outs but a Glennon could not get them the ball. Sorry NC State fans you have something look forward to now.