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March 4, 2008

Every once in a while, we ask our fellow Hokie Steve to contribute. Usually, we spoon feed him material and give him credit, but this time he came up with an idea all by himself!! And here we go. 65 cartoon characters (including various teams). One winner. You decide. Enjoy!

The time of the year is upon us. Conference tournaments run amok and reveal which teams will play Cinderella and which teams will earn bracket-topping seeds in the NCAAs. The beginning of March symbolizes the start of 65 teams trying to live the dream by winning six games to call themselves champions.

With that being said, I have put together a bracket of 65 cartoon characters, all of which are vying for your vote to be called “the Greatest Ever” (Chris Berman stole my idea for Greatest Highlight by the way).

The following first round matchups are set below. Due to the fact that I have a life and am thrust into an accountant’s nightmarish season, not much will be said of each first round matchup, but more will be provided for second round parings and beyond.


Petoria Region (we want to call it Peterland, but the gay bar by the airport already took it)

#1 Peter Griffin vs. #16 Magilla Gorilla
-If I receive one vote for Magilla, you’re out of the voting process.

#8 Scooby Doo vs. #9 Thundercat Lion-O
-This could be one of the toughest voting matchups in the first round.

#5 Ghostbuster Peter Venkman vs. #12 Ninja Turtle Raphael
-Which cartoon best represents his famous foursome?

#4 Philip Fry vs. #13 Huckleberry Hound
-Not even a seven-leaf clover could spice up this matchup.

#6 Ninja Turtle Donatello vs. #11 Foghorn Leghorn
-Nerdy amphibian vs. Overweight stuttering fowl

#3 Ralph Wiggum vs. #14 Droopy Dog
-Ralph’s English help him in this matchup? That’s unpossible.

#7 Heathcliff vs. #10 Buster Bunny
-Just for the note, Heathcliff is NOT the cat that loves lasagna…

#2 Doug Funnie vs. #15 Underdog
-How can Underdog upset Quailman, Smash Adams, and Race Canyon?

Max Power Region (the region who’s name you’d love to touch, but you mustn’t touch!!)

#1 Homer Simpson vs. #16 Quick Draw McGraw
-Please note that Quick Draw defeated Snagglepuss in the play-in game by Lady Wright picking which hand behind my back had a ticket in it…

#8 Rocko (from his Modern Life series) vs. #9 Yogi Bear
-God, choosing 8-9 games is so stressful

#5 Inspector Gadget vs. #12 Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore

#4 Nina Turtle Michelangelo vs. #13 Garfield
-Garfield was primed to have a higher seed until John Arbuckle had him neutered.

#6 Bugs Bunny vs. #11 David the Gnome
-Is it bad that I remember NO other characters from the show besides David?

#3 Charlie Brown vs. #14 Mr. Magoo
-My life vs. My vision

#7 Pinky and the Brain vs. #10 George Jetson

#2 Dr. Zoidberg vs. #15 Popeye
-Popeye’s strength of schedule was horrendous. Banging Olive Oyl doesn’t help his causes much either…

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O Region

#1 Eric Cartman vs. #16 Pink Panther
Pink Panther is the ultimate Ginger Kid.

#8 Baby Gonzo vs. #9 Tom and Jerry

#5 Ninja Turtle Leonardo vs. #12 Futurama’s Calculon
-Leonardo would slice through Calculon’s “Acting Talent” with one swipe.

#4 Scrooge McDuck vs. Cobra Commander
-No way Cobra can beat the greatest theme song of all time.

#6 Ghostbuster Egon Spengler vs. #11 Spongebob Squarepants
-A square vs. a square pants.

#3 Glenn Quagmire vs. #14 Tigger
-Umm, Quagmire, isn’t there an “O” in Country?

#7 Montgomery Burns vs. #10 Tommy Pickles

#2 Darkwing Duck vs. #15 Donald Duck
-An Elite 8 matchup between Scrooge and Darkwing would be money.

Sheera’s Piece Region

#1 He-Man vs. #16 Beavis and Butthead

#8 Shredder vs. #9 The Grinch

#5 Mr. Dink vs. #12 Animaniac Wacko
-Mr. Dink totally cheated on his wife Tippie.

#4 Fred Flintstone vs. #13 Ren and Stimpy

#6 Duffman vs. #11 Papa Smurf
-Papa Smurf never thrusts in the direction of the problem.

#3 Zapp Brannigan vs. #14 Ghostbuster Ray Stantz
-The man with no name: Zapp Brannigan

#7 Mickey Mouse vs. #10 Slimer
-Talk about a thought-provoking conversation.

#2 Optimus Prime vs. #15 Noozle Koala Blinky
-If you don’t know who the koala is, just vote for the robot.

Again, the link is

The most votes get you to the next round. Fairly simple. First round voting will end Sunday, March 9.

Let the madness begin…