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THE Game of the Year

December 1, 2007

Here it is folks: GAMETIME.

This is THE game of the year. The prior BC game means nothing other than a stock highlight for BC. This is the game that makes them sick to watch that highlight. This is where we need to make something special happen.

Want to be a big time college football program? WIN THIS GAME.

Want to talk about winning a National Championship? WIN THIS GAME.

Want those special recruits like Michael Vick (sans the douche-baggery)? WIN THIS GAME.

Big time teams win big time games, and this is our chance. This is our opportunity to climb up from that second tier of football teams. This is the kind of game USC, Ohio State, and Texas win: the big games that they are supposed to win.

Let’s do it boys.


Gally: 24 – 20
Tim: 27 – 9
DiP: 28 – 10
Dan: 31 – 17
GWay: 27 – BC broken
Wright: 30 – 21
BBull: 27 – 21
Lady Gally: 27 -24
Corso: Hopefully BC winning