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Matt Cassel knows what side his bread is buttered

March 4, 2009

When asked about how he felt about now being on the same team as Bernard Pollard, the guy who maliciously and cowardly took out Brady’s knee in that cheap and scumbag-ish hit, Cassel had this to say:

“Oh gosh. Now he is a teammate and I know that it wasn’t intentional. I’m sure I’ll talk to him and say hello, say thank you for the opportunity, but you never want to see anybody get hurt.”

This may have been the best thing that could have come out of his mouth. I mean everyone knows that Cassel should fork over most of his salary to Pollard for taking Brady out and giving Cassel his chance in the spotlight, even Matt. So to joke about it relieves a bit of tension, seeing as how now we know Brady is healthy (and will probably sleep with Pollard’s mother as revenge) and no ill effects ultimately came from the pansy-like play that Pollard has come to make his own.

Cassel is a smart guy, and knows that he needs to make friends on the Chefs (great googily moogily) and this seems like the way to go. Even if he thought it was intentional (and it most assuredly was) this is not the place nor the time to get up on your soap box and call him out.

On a related note, Todd Haley said that Cassel will have to compete with Tyler Thigpen and Brodie Croyle for the starting job, but seeing as how hes getting paid $14.6 mill for this year (maybe less if he signs a long-term deal, but still a lot), and he’s already proven to be better than the other two, I’m going to venture a guess and say that the competition will be quite easy for Cassel, something along the lines of “name Matt Cassel’s favorite food, movie, and book”.

Only Matt knows that the answer to all three is fried green tomatoes.

Recap of the weekend

March 2, 2009

Despite the snow, some people still have work… unlike the teacher still sleeping at my house. Lucky jerk.

Anyways, a lot of important sports news went down this weekend, so let’s go over it, shall we?

1. We lost to Duke. It was a tough loss since we played well and stayed in it until the end. But, as always, Duke had the refs on their side to help them eek out another win. One play stands out in my mind. It’s always been my understanding that if you pick up your pivot foot, then you need to dribble or it’s traveling. According to this clip, I’m wrong. Kids should not be allowed to watch Duke games if they’re just starting out in the sport and want to learn the rules of the game. Though if they did, they will learn one key rule: Duke doesn’t commit fouls. It’s just your eyes playing a trick on you.

2. The Patriots traded, not only Matt Cassel, but also Mike Vrabel, to the Chiefs for a single second-round pick. Now a lot of people are scratching their heads on this one, but to me, it makes some sense. Not a lot. But some. Vrabel is at the end of his career and has served the Pats very well, but the defense is getting older and they need to get much younger in both the linebackers and secondary. Keeping him won’t help that very much.

Cassel is a good quarterback, but Brady is better. You can’t have two $14 million+ qbs on the same team with one of them twiddling his thumbs all season. Also, Cassel was good this year, with a great receiving corps and excellent QB coach, nevermind a great OC and a genius in Belichick. Hell, I might be able to win a few games with all that going for me. Before we keep on slobbering all over him, let’s see what he can do in KC to see if the Pats got shortchanged on this trade.

3. The National’s GM has quit. Whupdee doo, who the hell cares. The Nats suck and this is probably an upgrade. Hey, at least you still have Wily Mo Pena. And great concession stands.

4. Two NFL players went on a fishing trip and haven’t come back. Let’s hope they got a little disoriented and decided to stay in Mexico for a few days.

5. The Broncos tried to trade Jay Cutler to the Bucs in a three-way deal for Matt Cassel. Now Cutler is pissed and won’t talk to the Broncos. “Was Cassel worth it?! Can he love you like I do?!” Cutler sobbed as he ran into the locker room.

6. Apparently the Dodgers and Manny were only $1.5 million away from a deal, but nothing happened. I think now it’s just down to Manny being greedy and the Dodgers holding firm on principle alone. This has gotten real boring, real fast.

7. The Red Sox beat the Twins. Yayyy, they now have one spring training win other than Boston College. It’s sad, but I actually can’t wait for the WBC to start and have some pseudo-meaningful baseball being played.

8. Finally, A-Rod met with baseball officials for two hours. I’m sure nothing got accomplished because Bud Selig just wants all of this to go away. He is probably one of the worst commissioners ever in any sport. A-rod won’t get penalized and no changes will come in terms of testing or anything.

There you go. In case you slept through the weekend, that is what happened in the sports world over the last few days. Now go shovel your driveway.