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Mt. Rushmore: Virginia Tech Football

February 24, 2009

If ESPN can be gimmicky and lowest-common-denominator, then so can we.

We thought about having a poll to find out who should go on the football Mt. Rushmore. But once we started thinking about it, the results are a little too predictable…

1. Frank Beamer (duh)
2. Bud Foster (of course)
3. Bruce Smith (obviously)
4. Corey Moore (well, yeah)

Any arguments? Let’s hear ’em. But we feel pretty confident in our list.


Look for more Mt. Rushmores in the coming days. Here are some examples:

-Nickelodeon game shows
-Seinfeld episodes
-Famous Canadians
-Virginia Tech athletes we’d like to forget (oh Marcus Sailes… how we loathe you)
-Ninja Turtles
-Kelly Clarkson songs
-Tailgate food
Tommy Boy and Dumb and Dumber quotes

Any suggestions are welcome.

Turtle Power… woof!

February 12, 2009

So, as I was searching through the internet today, I came across this picture. There might be arguments about animal abuse (and it’s a touchy subject here, you know, with Vick and all – but the dog wasn’t hurt or mistreated, and if you have ever owned a dog, you already know that they have no shame) but there is no way this dog doesn’t feel like a badass when it goes for a walk.

And, of course, he is the best Ninja Turtle of them all, Leonardo (cue the Donatello rebuttals).