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NIT Round One: Duquensne

March 18, 2009
(That may be spelled wrong, but go ahead and try to call us out.)

Another year, another NIT. We’re still not quite sure how to cover this. It feels like a bad bowl game, but worse.

If you win the NIT, do you celebrate? Or is it more of a “meh”? We don’t know these things, and we don’t have the stomach to figure them out.

Our opponent will be the Dukes from Duquense. They were a win away from an automatic tournament berth, but had to accept a 7 seed in the NIT. They are a tiny school which I have only seen during a Pittsburgh-area high school football game.

There should be no match up here. Period. We should win and win handily. This isn’t a jinx, because its a fact.

Will we win handily? Well, that’s not so much a fact as it is a coin flip. We seem to be the only team with the ability to play Christiansburg High School and the Celtics close.

But to take down a duke, we need a king.