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Weekend recap

May 4, 2009

The fiancee had her second bridal shower this weekend, so I spent the last two days drinking at the bar at the restaurant the shower was at, and putting all the gifts away in our tiny ass apartment after. Needless to say I’m tired. Please forgive any rambling or sentences sense no make that.

1. Starting this all off with some playoff hockey: the Penguins lost to the Capitals. The Caps dominated the game, crushing the Pens 3-2. This one was in the bag for Washington the whole time. Pittsburgh had no chance against the mighty Caps and the score shows that.

Also the Bruins won one and lost one. As the previous post says, the loss comes from Cam Ward’s amazing game. Tim Thomas also had a not-so-good game, so I’m sure that helps.

2. The Kentucky Derby went on this weekend, and I don’t know if it was because I was busy or what, but I honestly couldn’t give two shits about it. A big long-shot won at 50-1 odds, and that horse was Mine That Bird. Mine That Bird is not fully expected to run in the Preakness, and being 50-1 odds in the Derby give evidence that we will more than likely not be getting a Triple Crown winner again this year. Despite the odds, though, Mine That Bird crushed the competition coming from the very back of the pack weaving his way to the front and then winning by about 6 1/2 lengths. I think that was a record or something. I don’t know. I’m miles away right now.

3. The Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapsed from the effects of a large powerful storm. Twelve people were hurt and they’re saying one might be paralyzed. No jokes here.

4. Carl f#%@ing Crawford embarrassed Jason Varitek this weekend by swiping 6 bases in the game on Sunday. This ties a major league record for stolen bases in a single game. I then had to hear about it from my cousins in Tampa who just recently decided to become Rays fans. I felt badly for awhile, but then remembered they lived in Tampa.

5. The Boston Celtics finally beat the Chicago Bulls in the seventh game of the series. This one the Celts won by 10 which was the biggest win of the entire series. No overtime this time, though the whole 7-gamer went to 7 total overtimes.

6. Manny Pacquiao literally beat the crap out of Ricky Hatton. Hatton was knocked down thrice in the match, and then finally, a dreammaker to his chin put him down for the night. Pacquiao is a small guy, but apparently he is fast and hits pretty hard. I wouldn’t want to eff with him. At this point, I also wouldn’t want to bet against him.